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E006 - What Purpose Does A Church Website Serve?

Joanna: On today's episode James I want to know what you think about the purpose of a website?

James: I mean I think the purpose of a website should just be your best foot forward. It's like you're it's like your resumé. I think new people are always going to come check it out but they're going to spend two minutes on it and they're gonna kind of make some assumptions in that two minutes and then that's about as deep of a dive I think as they're going to do.

James: So Joanna I just said that I think it's kind of like a best foot forward resumé kind of scenario for a website. But you as a full time church communications person what is your thought on what the church website should be?

Joanna: Yeah I view it a lot like a welcome mat, resume a welcome mat. It's the introduction to the church. I think primarily you're thinking of people who don't yet go to your church when you're building a website. And so you want to show a high level view of who you are what you're about what your story is so that people would want to connect with you.

James: Yeah like it's completely it's the resume. Right? Like What do you what do you do nowadays when someone applies for a job you mean immediately typing a Google you try to find that person you look at them on Facebook you're making a judgment call based on kind of what they put out there like what kind of person they are and the same is true for a church right? Like If a new believer or a person looking for a new church to go to or attend they're going to type into Google they're going to look and they're going to make a judgment call based on your website so if it's dated or if it's really new and flashy they're making they're making a choice of who you are and what you are and they're and they're gonna pick based on that. And I think the goal is not to try to like really sell people to come to your church but I think you want to put an honest representation of who you are out there on the web.

Joanna: Yeah totally I think just as you say like there's a few things that people are going to be looking for when they come to a website as basic information to decide if they want to go any further. The first few minutes on a website that their first impression is gonna be important. Like is it even going to load for them on their phone. That's obviously like a big one for a lot of people. And then from there. They've probably already formed an opinion within like the first 30 seconds of what kind of a church this is.

James: I mean you just said something without actually knowing what you did. You said it like loaded on their phone like. It's amazing how many church websites still aren't mobile friendly and you know half of all of this search going on on the Web is going on on mobile so if your site is built on a 10 year old platform that isn't mobile friendly people aren't even able to view your site when they're looking at it on their phone. So that's that's problem number one so it definitely has to be up to date and has to be somewhat current.

Joanna: Yeah. So I mean on an on another episode probably the next episode we're gonna talk about platforms and how to build the website but I think for now just this big idea the purpose of a website as resumé or a welcome mat to invite people to check out your church get some information before they ever show up and we can talk about how to do that in a future episode but I think it's no more just like a repository of all the information and details and all the previous bulletins and all the previous content we're trying to get people high level information about the look, the feel, the location, and the big information about what people need to know.

James: Yeah absolutely. All right so on the next episode we're going to talk about some platforms that we like and we use.

James: Joanna, where can people find you?

Joanna: Or at Joannalafleur on social media.

James: And you can find me at visualmediachurch on Instagram. See you next episode.