Joanna: Hey everyone on this week's episode we're gonna be talking about working with contractors. We're talking how to find them what the budgets should look like what happens when things go wrong when it's time to turn it into a employment situation instead of a contractor. All that kind of stuff. Let's go.

James: On today's show we're gonna talk about how to find good people when you're hiring contractors. And I'm a contractor. At least I have been. I'm not doing as much anymore but I'm gonna definitely take in today's conversation the angle constantly from the contractor and you're going to take probably the angle as the employer because you're one of the people that I has hired me in the past and used to hire me. And so we'll probably have a bit of a different view on things. So let's dive right in. What is the best place or strategy for finding contractors when you need work done and you know it's not going to be you? Where does that usually start for you?

Joanna: Yeah. I mean the number one place I'm looking for people to hire on a contract to do a job is within the church community that I work in. Obviously like I finding like you and I go to the same church and that's originally why we began working together in like a contract-client relationship. Now it's become more that we're actually friends. So the number one place I'm looking to hire people is within my church community and all that said there are lots of skills that I haven't yet found in our church community that I still need to find people for. So there's a few other places.

James: Why why do you think though that it's important to hire maybe within the church first? Like I kind of have my ideas why I think it's important, so what are the reasonings?

Joanna: Well I think for the most important thing for me is actually think they're going to care more about the project if it's for their own church. I think that you know out of all the projects are doing for all kinds of clients if it's their own church in theory they have a lot of passion, they have the heart for it, they want to go the extra mile, they have a lot more integrity than some random person you found to really see the product through and they're going to have more pride and ownership on the other side about fixing things or even just being proud of like watching everybody else enjoy their work like a video or graphic design or whatever that is.

James: And they're ideally going to understand the culture better to like what kind of the vibe of the churches are you very urban or are you very rural like what are some of the things that are gonna work and not work.

Joanna: Yeah they'll be intuitive. It'll be intuitive for them because they're in it. You don't want to try and translate that to them because they live a few hours away or across the world. Now that said they also another reason I try to hire internally is because often those to be direct and we'll talk about money and budgeting and stuff further in the week but often if they're in your own church community they're willing to give you a better price or do it for free in some cases.

James: And that matters to right. Look I know me as a contractor I've always done you know a little bit of both in that there's times where I know that I need to serve and I haven't been serving enough. And so I am willing and I've offered many times to shoot music videos for our C4 Worship where it's I know I need to help out a bit more and I'm willing to jump in there and film and edit something for free as part of my service im doing for a church. And I mean and that's important from the church's standpoint as I as a person hiring because that would have been probably a thousand or a couple of thousand dollars just to do that. So I mean there's definitely an advantage to that. Now If you can't find someone in the church. What where do you start searching next?

Joanna: Literally this weekend I was sitting in the green room between services at our church and talking to a guy who used to be on our staff and he said he still works in the world of production and stuff and I was saying hey I had this particular thing that I'm trying to do for an upcoming series in our church but I don't know anyone who does it. And I just simply said like do you know people. And he gave me really quickly a couple of names of some guys I'm going to chase down to see if they're available if they're interested if I can afford them all that kind of stuff. So word of mouth obviously recommendations from other people.

James: Recommendations are huge. You have the built in trust with someone and if they have a great experience with somebody else, I mean that's that's huge just knowing that the person is quality and today they have a track record of delivering quality work, on time work, and affordable work. So that's definitely huge. And then what do you do if that doesn’t work?

Joanna: And so another thing that I do. It doesn't often because I've been able to find people more locally but sometimes I'm just tracking with stuff online. So what I mean by that is I'm seeing an amazing video online and I want to find out who made that video. Oh that's the kind of thing or that's the style we're looking for for this upcoming project or who is that photographer like who did who did those amazing portraits. I wonder if I might be able to hire them for something at the church.

James: You can track them down social media you can find you at Facebook and you can contact and reach out and say hey I love the work you did would you ever be interested or is this something that you would ever consider. And if so you know how much is it cost and what are your rates. And you know did you give a good church discount that kind of thing. I mean I hate the word church discount as a contractor because basically you know people are like hey I'm a Christian so therefore can I get something really really cheap. And at the end of the day contractors, this is their full-time gig usually or a side hustle. So I would say as a contractor it is good to give a church discount of some kind. It doesn't need to be 50 percent. It doesn't need to be something massive but it is nice to do go the extra effort. If you're working for churches because you should care and there should be something. There should be some passion to help out churches not just your own church. If that's the world you're getting into as a contractor.

Joanna: Yeah and ultimately. Yeah. Like when you're if you're finding something online that inspires you and you want to know who made it the best place to try and find people is through other churches in your area. Again we're not trying to poach people from other churches I don't mean that but. But if they've hired a contractor in the local area we can assume they're more likely to be a Christian person who did the project or that did that graphic design and so they might be willing to take their they're trying to build their business they're trying to build more clients as well. So if you'd like their work for another church two hours down the road maybe they have some time to give to your project.

James: Now jumping ahead a little bit. One of the frustrations that you and I have had many many times is voiceovers like when we've done church videos and we've got this we've got some killer imagery you've worked hard on branding and writing an awesome script and we got something that looks really awesome. And then we are not the people to record our voices for like a cinematic voice over. And we try recording it ourselves when we're not recording engineers by any stretch of the imagination. And we have sat there and how many times we've got oh we just need to find a good voice. That's where we've jumped a Fiverr right. We've done contracted work but we've also done you've done Fiverr in that like Fiverr is a great option for something that's affordable and you can try it a few different samples of people to find someone halfway around the world that's got the right sound right. And that's definitely an affordable option.

Joanna: So its And like you can hire people on there for all kinds of contracted work.

James: And usually the range for like a voice over let's say is somewhere around 50 to 100 dollars yet which is actually very reasonable either use other voice services online that have been around 500 to 1000 and that was more in the corporate world. But the idea of 50 to 100 dollars for a voiceover for a video is actually a really good rate to pay. Especially of its quality and it's like a 200 word read kind of thing.

Joanna: Let's not give to too much away before we talk about that we'll talk on another episode but all the money stuff. But but you're right. Like you want to think sometimes about how much it would cost if you spent all those hours trying to figure it out yourself and pay somebody else 50 bucks is like a cost savings in many ways. Right. Because by the time you set something up and figured out the audio and had to edited and had to arrange the e-mails with the person who was going to come in and do it from your church then you find out their voices in very good after all. So then you got to find somebody else and do it all over again. You've probably spent way more than fifty dollars worth of hourly wage to get that.

James: Absolutely. And there's another resource that I've come across online that I've seen people posting about who have had some good success with it it's called That was an online resource for finding people who do all kinds of different skills whether it's video and audio or writing. And these are all Christian contractors that have posted themselves as available to be hired. And so then if you're if you've kind of gone through the steps that we've just talked about you still can't find out when it might be a good option to find someone online so you can see their portfolio of work as well as you can get a quote on what it's going to cost you and working online these days is it is a good affordable way to do things especially if you can reach out to maybe even some of their past clients through And you can see kind of like what was your experience with dealing with them and then you know these kinds of things you can kind of vet the person a little bit and that's a great way to find someone who's got some established work that you don't know you know through friends of yours.

Joanna: The world is our oyster now when we're talking about contractors one of the reasons that I love it is because you can find people with a particular skill all over the world. You can do you can have an interaction with them just through the Internet and yet the product that you're looking for to deliver to your church whether that's a website or its graphic design or maybe its certain types of video or certain types of writing voice overs all kinds of other stuff that yeah you can find someone if they aren't already in your community you can find someone online to do the work for you. So that's how you find good people.

James: All right Jo thanks for those great tips on the next episode where we talking about how to communicate between the contractor and the employer. And like what are some best ways to talk about projects get things rolling again to keep the lines of communication open so that both parties meet their expectations.