James: Today on the show we are talking about Twitter and is it dead Joanna?

James: All right so my experience with Twitter Joanna is I have barely used it. I have had an account I have a couple posts I never caught the Twitter bug but what I have. The reason why I kept my Twitter account and here's the story is I love Twitter when I want to get a hold of a bigger brand to complain about something. So there's been a couple of times where I've been stuck on the tarmac on a flight and it's not going anywhere. And we've sat there for two hours and to vent my frustration. I then tweet at the airline. This is crazy, and I complain about it. And yet for the most part you'll get some sort of automated response but that's really all I've used Twitter for I. The last time I was on Twitter was maybe two months ago and again I was just checking to see if I think Squarespace servers were down. And that's all I was checking for. I I've never been a Twitter guy. I think you have some experience on Twitter so I just talk about it. Is Twitter dead.

Joanna: I used Twitter at times. So there's gonna be people listening to this who are going to be really shocked because for them Twitter is alive and well like there are communities and niches of people who love Twitter. I am not one of those people. So in terms of like choosing where to focus our energies as a church we can't be all things to all people for Twitter for us isn't one of the places we spend much time. We have an account. You want to lock down your domain kind of thing so that your church has a presence. If in the future you wanted to use it more. But we used it you know eight, nine or seven years ago a lot more than we do today. Now that said I was backstage, this weekend and I was speaking at a big conference and I was backstage with a speaker that travels all over people would probably know who this person was and they love Twitter like they were literally on Twitter for a half hour checking up on the news talking to people connecting so for them it was like a significant part of their social media life. So I think there are groups of people who still love Twitter and certainly people who are maybe more like news junkies political junkies that kind of thing. Twitter is still very much alive and well with certain social movements as well as political and social movements. But what the moral of the story is for me and for us today is whether it's Twitter or its Facebook or its Snapchat or its you do whatever whatever it is we can't necessarily with limited capacity and time in church work be amazing and present and really engage on all platforms. So make sure you lock down your domain name on them all. Even if like it comes out and you're not sure if it's going to be used in the future just grab that domain name you may or may not use it. And then just decide which ones you want to keep your strategy and focus on and do those really well.

James: Yeah you have to focus because I mean the reason I think I never got involved Twitter is it just seemed like a huge time consumer like you kind of have to be on and keeping track of what everyone the conversation. So it's a conversation and you can't be engaged in a conversation for eight hours a day and do your job. So then what platforms are you choosing and why? Like if if Twitter is dead which I think you're leaning towards Twitter might be dying but what do you what are you then focusing on then where you're putting your effort into right now?

Joanna: Yeah for me the number one place that our church community seems to want to interact is actually still Facebook. So young but younger people are on Instagram so Facebook and Instagram are the two that I'm focusing on because for our church community those are places where people are very active. If you're in a church community where people are really engaged on other platforms then go use those is the best place to serve and connect with your own community.

James: So bold prediction from Joanna for 2019. Is Twitter dead?

Joanna: Yeah...