James: Joanna I don't use a lot of extra apps to kind of do things I'm more of the edit on the computer send it to my phone kind of guy, I'm a purist I'm an artist. Not really. I just have never gotten into the apps but I know that you use some. So let's talk about some apps that you've used up your search a social media game.

Joanna: There's tons of apps that people use of course to turn up their social media game. The the ones that I use are the ones I want to tell you about. The first one is VSCO Cam. It's basically filters, coloring helping enhance lighting and brightness all that kind of stuff on your pictures. I don't think you should use any of the native apps in Instagram or certain native filters and Instagram. They just aren't very good. VSCO Cam is sort of the standard that people use.

James: It has a good hipster kind of vibe but he has some of those cool things that you'll definitely see a lot of Instagram is kind of using those.

Joanna: Yeah it's all these preset filters to make your pictures look better and then you can adjust it from there to what you wanted.

James: And they look pretty good to be honest.

Joanna: Yeah they do they do this my number one my number one tool for Instagram and social media. Second one I like to use right now is called CutStory. Basically what that does is it takes a video that you need to cut into sections. So for Instagram story it's 15 seconds. For the Instagram feed it's 1 minute clips and it's just you put the video from your phone right into cut story and it cuts it into the lengths you need for those different apps. You just select which one you which appear which social media platform using Facebook, Instagram whatever and it just cuts it for you. The third one Unfold, Unfold is again one that all the kids are using these days. It does nice text around your pictures you can do some nice layouts in some creative ways to make your pictures look more interesting particularly for Instagram or Facebook stories. The last one I just want to mention we should do probably a whole week about this app. But Canva, Canva is an amazing platform to use for basic graphic design for dummies. But they have an app for your phone where you could make a quick post right on your phone. Maybe if you wanted to do a nice looking text promo for an upcoming event you know with the date and the time and that kind of stuff with it cool picture behind it.

James: Yeah. Canva is for those who do not want to invest the time or the money into Photoshop or Illustrator yet. And basically anyone can log on use the app and get a fairly good results on making some sort of graphic design type thing.

Joanna: Yep that's right. Those are my favorite my top four apps that I'm using for social media. What are the ones you're using? I'd love to know what your favorite ones are maybe there's one that you know about that I should be using. Let us know.