James: Scheduling posts for social media Jo, there's lots of great apps out there. Let's dive in and talk about some of them.

James: So I have some experience with some of these social media posting apps. I've used Buffer, I've used Hootsuite, i've used Later. I have had mixed results with some of them.I have found personally that I have a lot of issues that will prop up with the connection being lost and I have to renew it every two weeks so my experience with them hasn't been great. But I am currently using Buffer for visualmediachurch and so far so good. Haven't had any issues but let's hear some of your thoughts on why people should even be using these things.

Joanna: Yeah. Well the nice thing about scheduling posts is basically that you can take a day off. You can particularly if you are not working seven days a week which God does not recommend. Remember that Sabbath day. And if you want to take breaks from posting live then it's a nice way to set up a day a week you even a month in advance you can set stuff up make a big plan of all the things you want to post. You know what's coming up in your church in terms of the basic events and activities and things you need to talk about so you can make a plan. Set it all up. Do it all in a big chunk all at once maybe spend a couple hours at the beginning of the week setting up the whole week's worth of posts. It allows you to set it up and let it do its thing. That said as you said some of these things cost a bunch of money. Most of most of the ones that we're talking about they do actually cost money so Buffer and Hootsuite are kind of the main ones to people use. And Grum is actually one we haven't mentioned but something that I'm still using for Instagram. Grum.co It's a really simple affordable app I think it's like five bucks a month. There's something compared to like Buffer and Hootsuite can be like easily 90 or 100 bucks a month for Instagram. Now it doesn't do stuff like the story that disappear in 24 hours but Grum is just a great way to manage multiple accounts so we can have our whole church staff using one account. So the people who are managing the youth account or the youth social media or the main church or whatever it may be we can all be in one account. Post stuff in advance have it set up and even a volunteer can do that. That's another cool thing. Like if you're trying to build up a volunteer team with social media they can go in and post all the stuff and then before it goes live you can go in as the leader of that team and confirm or edit anything they've done. Maybe you want to change the hashtags or the content wasn't maybe quite correct. You're trying to say it a certain way maybe you want to go in and edit before it goes up.

James: And it helps you become more consistent too. Now you can start scheduling things to post at 9a.m. Yeah you know seven days a week without having to do it yourself. And it allows you to start building in more structure so instead of kind of just oh I haven't posted it I'll post today at 7p.m. and you're getting mixed results because different times days matter. You can now find you know what's working for your people as after work or during the day or at lunchtime better and allows you to start building in more posts as opposed to just information you can now and start grabbing some of those those quote posts from me and our buddies over a Sunday Social make a whole bunch of premade templates for you that you can use and allows you to build and not just news content but asking questions trying to increase engagement. There's all kinds of things you can start building in into your schedule so at 9a.m It's one thing and then at noon it's another 3 it's another thing. So using resources like Sunday Social as well as your own made posts you're now becoming regular and people will then start checking in at certain time do they want to find out what's going on they want to see maybe what funny thing you've posted. It's good to build in structure.

Joanna: Yeah. At the very least it's a great way to do it to gain back time in your week for other things so that every day you're not thinking about this. You know the best way to work a lot of people who do talk about productivity they talked about working in chunks like don't check your email every time an email comes in. Decide you're doing it once in the morning and once in the afternoon it's the same kind of a concept. If you just say I do social media in general I try to prepare all my social media. I do it on Mondays from 10:00a.m. till 12:00 and like that's it. Now it's set for the week.

James: It is absolutely more efficient if you're gonna schedule five posts and you're going to do it all within one hour on a Monday as opposed to going on your phone and doing it five times throughout the week. Your brain has to gear up into what you're gonna say what you gonna do as opposed to doing it all at once. You're in the right headspace and then you're definitely going to save yourself time and frustration and energy and it's help avoid things like burnout. You know having to be on your phone every couple hours to make a pose. So it's definitely a huge time saver. It's a huge energy saver and it's just gonna make the quality of work better.

Joanna: Yeah. So if you're trying to again pitch this to your boss you can use some of that is some of the reasons for why it might be worth investing in one of these programs that allows you to schedule. Well that's all for today.