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E029 - The Importance Of A Good Social Bio

James: Today on the show we are talking about why it's important to write a great bio for your social media pages.

James: All right Joanna I have no idea what you're going to talk about when it comes to your bio for your social media pages and I'm sure if you looked at my bio you would probably find some issues with it. So hopefully you're not too harsh because I might have to do some edits right after the show. But let me hear your thoughts on how to write a good bio.

Joanna: Yeah. For me the number one thing it sounds obvious but it isn't obvious to everyone. It should be spelled correctly. Let's start there. There are bios that have spelling errors that I've seen. That's not good. And it's so easy to fix that. Number two I see some people have links that don't work in their bios. Make sure that the links work. Number three if you're going to use a tag like @ fill in the blank. Like at visualmediachurch or whatever make sure again that it's spelled correctly that it actually links through do a test on does this actually work.

James: Hold on give me a second...yeah It works!

Joanna: Yeah, Live test. Beyond that I think that a bio it's better to not sound cool and better to sound clear. Just yesterday I saw a Christian author speaker that I follow. She tagged someone in a post I had I didn't know who that person was. She took a picture with this person. I'm like I'm intrigued to know who that person is. I click on their bio. I saw that this guy she was posting about had like over a million followers but his bio was sort of cool and vague and at the end I had no idea who he was. I didn't know what he did for a living. I didn't know why he was important. What that meant was ultimately I didn't follow that guy because I didn't click the follow button cause I had no context. After reading his bio on who he was or what he did or why I might be interested. So your bio needs to be clear about what you do what your organization is and for example if you're a multi-site church maybe you want to list some of your sites. If you have too many to listen you can just say you know we have sites or locations or campuses all over the place you can click for times and locations get people maybe one of intrigue people in your bio to click on the website link that you have there to get more information but we want to be clear not cool. We want to spell things correctly. We want to make sure all the links work. That is the most basic requirements of a great bio on Instagram.

James: Thanks Jo for those awesome tips. Where can people find you?

Joanna: At joannalafleur on Instagram, you can critique my bio.

James: Your bio is going to be working? Good link?

James: I Change it up every couple months.

Oh okay. And you could find me at visualmediachurch on Instagram and hopefully everything spelled correctly there.