Joanna: Sermon podcasts. That's what we're talking about today, sermon audio and sermon video. James you've learned a bunch of stuff, You and I have worked on a bunch of this together over the years. Let's talk about it.

James: So sermon podcasts for churches Joanna. I mean a lot of churches are doing it and probably should be doing it. I see a lot of debate online and it usually it comes down to you know how do I do it well and efficiently without it taking up a lot of my time and should we be doing video and audio. And my quick reaction to that is video is way more expensive to do because you need to have a camera. You need estimate operating the camera and it takes a lot more time to render and edit and you need good lighting. Most churches are fairly dark. It's not going to great lighting and I mean you need to have someone that knows how to operate the camera to follow and record properly. And so you're going to spend a lot of time on the video side of things. And what I've seen from the numbers tell me that five to ten times as many people will listen to the audio rather than the video. So you're spending at least double the effort making the video with you know one tenth of the results. So really if you're going to do only one of them absolutely do the audio.

Joanna: If you can do both, go for it. Our church does.

James: But most churches I would say ninety nine percent the churches are all hooked up with a soundboard, everyone's got a mic. All you need to do is basically a hit of some sort of audio recorder off of your church's soundboard and you've got an audio podcast. It takes a little bit of editing and it's fairly easy to upload.

Joanna: It's a really accessible way for people to get your content to because just like this your listeners podcasts I don't know where you are right now. Are you driving into work? Are you at your desk? Are you at the gym? Are you washing dishes? I don't know where people are but it's the same for of course sermon podcasts if it's just the audio people can take it with them wherever they go.

James: Actually let's put that up on the Instagram account right now. Let's find out where people are listening to us right now. But moving on. People are busy and I think what we've learned even from this podcast is we notice that the most listeners are happening on a Monday and then it tends to just trail down towards Friday.

Joanna: So we're we're doing episodes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday but most people are listening on Monday.

James: And that curve is consistent week in and week out. And so it got me thinking like why is that? And I think people tend to take a break from podcasts and videos on the weekend that are maybe work related or part of their job their career what they're learning you tend to have more fun on the weekend and you go to the movies and you do other things. And then Monday you're back into your routine. And so I think as people are driving into work or as they're sitting down their desk kind of thinking about their week they're throwing on a podcast and I think you're doing other things a lot. And that's why the video doesn't get utilized because if you're driving your car you're not watching the video you'd rather just listen to the audio. And for the most part generally speaking there's not a lot visually going on with a sermon. I mean your preacher can be very dynamic. But for the most part it is a person standing on stage talking and you might have some graphics associated with it like some visuals. But the majority of that content coming from that preacher is audio it's them speaking. And so there's not a lot of visual stuff to come along with that and that's why the audio medium works so well because if you're a good preacher and I think most preachers are pretty good is they you are telling a story and you're you're weaving together themes and it's all done through the voice rather than let me tell you a story and then watch this video clip and then back to the voice back to the video clip like it is all about spoken word. And I think that's why the audio gets consumed so much more.

Joanna: As we said it's just easily accessible especially on that Monday morning commute. And so that's what we're wanting to encourage you today will want you to if you're already doing podcasts. Have you looked at the stats lately? Sometimes we can get lazy on checking our own stats and learning from them as churches. All those stats if you post a podcast are available to you in your podcast host. And so check it out see where people are interacting and that's going to help you understand even where to spend your money and focus your energy.

James: So if you at your church are using a video and audio podcast we want you to go on our Instagram Stories and we want you to answer the poll again let us know which one is doing better and by how much. And we want to know what days of the week people listening. Are you seeing the same kind of curve that we're seeing. Or are you seeing a Monday through Friday or are you seeing something different.