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E043 - Leveraging Sermon Content for Social Media

 James: Today on the show we are talking about leveraging sermon quotes and sermon content for social media as reminders about sermons as well as just making sure you're getting more of what's going on a Sunday morning out to your entire audience.

Joanna: The big idea for today for me is helping us all remember that this content we produce every Sunday is so good and there's so much time and effort that's been put into that Sunday sermon by who has ever given it that like let's keep using it throughout the whole week. There's other organizations or companies that would just die for the amount of content that week after week after week churches are producing and so let's use it. Stuff like here's some really practical examples. What about taking an audio or video clip of one minute or less of something that was really like a key point or it could be a funny story or a big idea just a great quote that came out of it and posting it online again you can both set as a video on Instagram or you can post that even as an audio clip on Instagram or Facebook and things like that. And it gets people reminded of what was going on that week in the sermon but also it's a way for people that promote it to their friends. So like oh yeah this sermon really impacted me it's Wednesday, I'm now remembering that hey Aunt Sue you should check this out I think it's going to really help you too with that thing you're going through.

James: And it's been really helped for me like there's been a few times. I mean we just had a baby, not you and I Joanna, my wife and I. And we've missed a couple sermons and we've showed up at connect group having not listen to the sermon and kind of you know are clueless about what everyone's talking about and has had time to process it. So I've found recently that our church has been posting quotes from the sermon as well as even just a little clips. And so it's been actually a reminder to me like oh I need to go catch up and listen to the sermon podcasts like just like we talked about yesterday with posting the video on the audio online to a podcast format. It is a helpful reminder to get people to re-engage with the sermon especially if they miss it. As we know people do miss Sundays and they're going to forget that that maybe they can keep up with what's going on with the sermon series.

Joanna: And you know if it's not from the video or the audio from the sermon maybe you just grab your preacher's notes in our church. I get those every Thursday in advance of Sunday and I'm not sure what the routine could be at your church but get those notes even if their point form and you can build some quote like not literal actual quotes but you can build some quotes or some paragraphs that become captions on pictures throughout the week and you can use that content to just keep pointing people back to these things that your leader or your pastor is working really hard to help people get in their heads and in their hearts.