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E046 - Easter Invitations

James: Today Joanna you're going to share some helpful tips on how to invite people to Easter and not make it weird or awkward.

Joanna: This is Easter week! And it's not too late to invite people to church so I'm sure there's been something that you have been doing in your church up till now to equip people in your church to invite maybe you've had some paper invitations or theirs churches who do like an Easter egg drop on the weekend and are trying to promote through a fun event like collecting easter eggs coming back to church on Sunday. But I want just briefly to remind everyone of the power of digital invitations the power of digital ads. The great thing about them is that you can spend a little bit of money and reach a ton of people on Facebook on Instagram with an ad inviting people to church people this week are looking for activities to do with their family they're looking for things all of a sudden like Easter snuck up on them and they're realizing they have a holiday weekend ahead and they're wondering what to do. People are thinking maybe I should go to church. Maybe no one's thinking about that but you can put that opportunity in front of them. The great thing about online ads we've talked about before on here but you can really target it. So you can say I want these ads to reach people within a five mile radius of our church who are between the ages of 25 and 40 and they are single moms who like to play golf. You can be that specific in your ad promo and you can target people like that. And I mean you maybe don't want to target specifically single moms who play golf but but the idea of it is that through digital ads you can not only target people specifically within a specific radius of your church building or your event but more than that you can really track how well it did I.e. You can track who clicked on it, how many people engaged with it, did they follow through to your website, did they watch the video, how long did they watch the video. All that kind of stuff where with traditional older advertising like a paper invite in the mailbox or a billboard on the side of the road it's hard to know how many impressions and how much impact that it had. So you're spending money on something you can't really be accountable for in the same way. But with digital ads why don't you throw if you haven't done already throw 20 dollars at a digital ad to invite people on Facebook on Instagram to come to church this Sunday. People are looking for stuff to do this weekend it's not too late.