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E048 - Easter Service Experiences

James: Today on the show we're going to talk about Easter service experiences.

Joanna: When we talk about the service experience I think it's important to remember that we're talking about it from the parking lot through the lobby the foyer into auditorium, sanctuary, kids spaces then all the way back out after service back out of the parking lot. And so Easter is obviously a time where a ton of people come as guests to church whether they're visiting family from out of town or it's like that one or two Sundays a year that they might be willing or interested in checking out church going to church as a tradition. And so it's an opportunity to give a great experience to people. You know if you meet a grumpy greeter in the parking lot it already is setting you off on the wrong foot. So I think we I think a lot of us listening to this podcast everybody I think knows this. And I just it's honestly just this week leading up to Easter a reminder and an encouragement to people that like the experience, the whole experience matters and and a lot of people listening are probably focused on communications and media that part of the experience that we can really control more and we value that but what if you have a way to encourage volunteers if you're posting on social media to welcome people in, to shout out to volunteers to write e-mails to volunteers or have rallies and before your services start to encourage and remind people what they're there for it's at this point since we're talking about Easter week it's gonna be too late to do a ton of special signage or I don't know fancy things that you'd want to do extra or like little gifts for people or extra stuff but even just how people carry themselves as a welcoming experience for others makes a huge difference on people's feeling about frankly not only the church but what they think about Christianity as a whole. I mean for us as I said like we on this podcast James you and I the visuals is this is a thing that we really care about and where we're thinking about a lot and service experiences is what happens in a main auditorium, graphics and video visuals. Why do you care about it? Why do you think that matters? It's like even on Easter weekend.

James: It's always been that the kind of the one time a year where making video for church was always like really exciting. It's kind of at least the projects you and I have worked on it's always the ones that we've kind of gone really big for right. That's the ones we've planned well in advance. We've had a little bit of budget to work with and we've planned something big we've done a big smoke video we've done a big cross video where there's signs flying off and words and things. We went big with those and what's exciting about that is I just I would always know that there was going to be a lot of people that Sunday who had never been to a church that does video production that does these big intro videos that tie really well into what the sermon is going to be. And so it's sitting in on that Sunday and knowing that that video has a big potential for impact and impact that you might not necessarily even know or understand. But it is going to make an impact. I mean I've had people in my life who aren't Christians come on an Easter Sunday and then say "wow that video was actually really amazing and it got me thinking". And that is what it is there for and I think that's something to really get excited about.

Joanna: Yeah it's true a lot of people if they're going to a church that has some sort of visual media experiences for a lot of people it just breaks their stereotypes of what church could be should be has to be. And it can enter even Christians or non Christians. It can enter people into a new idea and give them some visuals to turn them in a different direction. They weren't thinking before. So just as a practical encourage for that if you're using something in your service experience make as much of that accessible beforehand or after what if it's if it's an element of surprise and posted up after. But as soon as you can because even if it's posted at like 12:00p.m. on Easter Sunday after the services people who have been impacted by that media experience will want to share that will want to pass it around to their friends while it's fresh and while it's relevant on Easter weekend and you know we have an opportunity to take that service experience not just from parking lot through the Sunday morning back out to the parking lot but even then to carry it home on your phone on social media to share around and keep it going all weekend long.