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E049 - Comparison Trap

James: We're going to talk a little bit about how not to compare yourselves to whatever other churches are doing at Easter time it's really easy to get wrapped up and see what some of the bigger churches with bigger budgets have done and then kind of feel negatively towards what you've worked so hard on for your churches Easter.

Joanna: Yeah this episode is your friendly reminder that one of the ways to ruin your Easter weekend is by spending a ton of time on social media. Seeing what other churches are doing and what they've worked hard on just like you but in a totally different place with a totally different group of people. I want to remind you that what you have been working on for Easter matters for your people in your place and you have been praying over it and you have been working over it and you have been thinking about it for days, weeks, months whatever for you and your team. And then if you go online and start seeing "Oh that's a good idea", "Oh I wish we'd done that", "Oh they had more people at their service than we did" or "they used the same kind of concept but they had nicer graphics". It's a sure fire way to suck the joy out of what is actually a really exciting weekend. And what should be a really rewarding time if you do media and communications because you're seeing a lot of people enjoy the work that you've worked so hard on. So we want to honor the work that you've done you've done good work and so stop spending your time this weekend comparing it to other people. How do you find that in your work James? That comparison game do you ever look at a project you've built for Easter or a major event and seen some other church and wish you'd done it better?

James: Yeah I mean like even just for visualmediachurch like we usually spend a number of weeks making and preparing lots of different intro videos their backgrounds and the way that I've learned to deal with it is I could feel very jealous. I have the potential to look at what someone else has done and go oh like they did such a better job or or just like Oh they they did exactly what I did and feel some sort of hostility or judgment or just jealousy. So the way that ideal that it either. I just don't go out of my way to go looking what other people have done and that's just kind of protects my own heart. Like when you when I go and I find it it's not it's not helping me in any way by comparing myself. So of course I'm going to see other work that people have done and for the most part like even our competitors do great work. And that's why I feel jealousy sometimes because these are people also making really creative wonderful work but for me the best ways to shield myself from it and just not and not put something that I know could be a temptation or a bother in front of me and it's not that I have to avoid all problems it's that I'm protecting myself from just over exposing to what I know is a weakness of mine.

Joanna: Well that's it. There is a time to go and see what other churches are doing to get inspired to be encouraged to have ideas for next year's Easter or whatever else that is something that is good to do. But there is a time for it. I would hate for people to start doing that before the like you're doing that on Saturday before Sunday's even happened and suddenly you're already feeling maybe some inadequacies or something because of what another church is doing like give it a few days let it breathe celebrate and be thankful for what God is that in your church community and then like hey like sometime next week after Easter is over when you're in a good mood you get a cup of coffee do the browse of other people's Easter stuff to learn for next year and flag that stuff so you can get inspiration.