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E051 - When Should I Buy A New Phone?

Joanna: I want to talk today about when is it a good time to buy a new phone.

James: I'm the kind of guy Joanna that I actually don't update my stuff that often I'm sooner to buy the brand new computer that comes out or maybe even the brand new camera. But when it comes to like phones I have historically been very slow. I mean I think iPhone was an iPhone 4 before I got off my Razor flip phone. I mean people were playing games and I could barely send texts. I think I had like some really 8-bit game and T9 texting on my phone I was literally using that kind of stuff. And then from there I went to a work Blackberry and the whole idea of apps like I was years behind and I would say even now I'm usually probably two or three versions behind everyone else. So I'm on the eight right now, iPhone 8. And I tend to use my phones until they literally just stop working my last phone was the iPhone 5 I think and it just one day just shut off and never came back on and that's when I upgraded. So I'm not the person that upgrades lots but there is always there can always be a good case to upgrade especially when there's leaps in technology and apps and cameras and all kinds of things. So first of all what kind of person are you? And what is been your experience so far?

Joanna: Yeah I. I wish because I use my phone in a different way than. I have maybe a different relationship with my phone. Because your work is primarily on more like camera gear where I use my phone a ton for my job. It's tons of social media, all that kind of stuff. And particularly because of the camera that's often the place where I start to long for the newest latest best phone. But I got to say I used to let myself upgrade every other update from Apple but I'm finding what actually I think they're finding is a trend at Apple as a whole is that now the phones the older phones are so good still that when they're offering like new hardware, new updates they're not enough better for a lot of people to say like oh with the 8 I'm buying the 10 because the jump just isn't you don't feel it that much if you're using it for things like calling your mom, going on WhatsApp, social media, photography that kind of stuff. And so here here's what I have a seven plus which to me feels really old but at Christmas time I bought knowing that there was a longer return policy with Apple over the holidays I bought the new, the latest biggest phone it was the iPhone 10X plus, whatever it's the big one that cost the most money. So In Canadian dollars I think that costs me more than fifteen hundred bucks gain. Again that is the price of a computer. And so I used it for a week or so and I ended up returning it. And the reason I returned it in brief is because it wasn't enough better than my seven plus to warrant the price tag. And so for me. Yeah. Was it better? Did it take nicer photos? Was it faster? Of course. It did all the things better but not enough better to warrant the price. And that's where I think we're seeing a lot of brands like Apple kind of trying to expand themselves into other kinds of products and trying to focus on subscription services and all this stuff because their products are really good and now they're competing against their old products.

James: It's a signal that the market is changing and any product when you see someone constantly each year trying to reinvent a new product or a new company it's usually a signal that something's changing at their base and you can see that all over the place. And with Apple especially one the hardware just isn't improving year over year. As well as their competitors are getting better and better to the point where I do believe that some of their competitors have better technology for a way lower priced like you just said fifteen hundred dollars. That is the price of a computer, like that's a laptop. Just for a phone. And I'm still the kind of guy that remembers my flip phone and like I just do a lot of texting. Yeah well I don't need a fifteen hundred dollar texting machine.

Joanna: The place for me that I'll say when we started this episode saying when is it time to buy a new phone. I mean there comes a point where if you're using your phone regularly and your level of frustration continues to rise and you're using it as a media and communications person there comes a point where sell it before it's worth nothing because there's going to be maybe a teenager or a young person in your church who's going to buy that phone off of you because it's an upgrade for them and you're able to get something that's going to help you do your job better for me usually the tipping point comes around the camera in the video because I use my phone camera a ton for church work. And so for me that seems to be the tipping point and I think I probably can get I'm trying to hold out another six months or so with the phone that I have. See what comes out this fall and probably I'm going to upgrade at that time because my phone camera even just the hardware itself the camera is in reducing its quality as the lenses get more and more scratched and I as a person who works in church communications will start to like hate all the photos that it's getting for me and I'm going to upgrade at that point. But but just as we've said man we don't need the latest and the greatest phones because the phones that are even three years old are still doing a ton of great work. And so if you're looking to upgrade maybe you don't need the latest greatest most expensive biggest one like I've got a Christmas time maybe you need one that's a few steps down from that and it's going to do everything that you need.