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E052 - Apps We Love Right Now

Joanna: Today we're talking about apps we love right now. The ones we're using the most today.

James: On yesterday's show Joanna I was talking about how I'm usually really far behind on the newest phones and I'm also really far behind on using apps like it's not that I don't know they exist. I just kind of stick with what works and I'm not the guy that's downloading a new app a month. Now I do have lots of apps on my phone but the things that I use the most honestly number one app is just that a straight Apple notes. I mean anytime anywhere and I think of an idea or for this podcast or for visualmediachurch or for Stokhub I just write it in notes and it's an easy place to sync up with my computer when I get back in the next morning and I can kind of take those notes and I usually formalize them and then you know come up with a plan on what I'm going to do. But notes is the number one thing that I use. I have a bunch of photography apps and things that I kind of like you know every now and then and I mean Instagram's there Facebook is there but notes is number one and is that it's the app that comes with the phone it's free and it is so basic it's literally just take a note and save it.

Joanna: Yeah. And actually I use it. I used to use other apps for my to do list and now I just use notes. I make a little checklist that's sort of an ongoing list of every day of my week. And one of the tasks I have to get done. And then when that day's done I move that I copy and paste that cut and paste that whole list from that day down to the bottom notes is awesome and it's getting better like every update it seems to have more and more usability. An app that I'm loving right now is called Paper. Paper is only on iPad though so I may maybe that's outside of the realm of the smartphone iPhone stuff that we're talking about right now. But I love this app Paper because you can basically draw stuff. And what I've been finding I'll say for myself on a personal level what I'm loving with it is I've been drawing and creating stuff for sermon notes. So as I'm listening to a message I have trouble staying focused. Maybe some of you guys do too if you're creative people or ADHD people have trouble listening for long periods of time. So what I've been doing is I pull up this Paper app and has all these different paint brushes and pencils and tools and colors and you can cut and paste. You can bring a picture in so literally I'll like get a photo of the pastor and then cut out him from the whole photo. And then like draw around him and like write a quote and draw pictures and it's something that is not only just useful for my own sort of creative outlet and focus in a sermon time or taking notes. But beyond that the uses of it for making stuff that's really fun and creative and playful for graphic design that you can do basic stuff by yourself. It's a free app and there's a ton you can do if you have an iPod checkout Paper.

James: Now to be fair. I do have some other apps that I use but I only use them maybe when I'm doing like video or photography work. So I've actually pulled one up on the screen. You at home can't see but Jo has no idea about this app and It's one that is really fascinating. So it's called TPE and it's a photography app and basically what you can do is you can select any date or time and any location and it pulls up on google maps where the sun will set will rise where the moon will rise and where the moon will set. What you can do, I've got a little bit of research going.So you've got Norway here and what it's showing Jo is that lighter color yellow is where the sun's gonna set over the mountain or so sunrise over the mountains and then where it's going to set. So it's that time of year you can see the path and then what's really fascinating and it has augmented reality built in. So if I'm on location somewhere shooting for VMC I can pull this up and you can see Jo it's pulling up from my camera screen as if I'm standing in that spot that date and time in that location. But it's showing obviously we're sitting in the office but you can track the camera around and you're I'm pointing it up towards the ceiling and it's showing the path where the sun would go throughout the day. And it's updating the time on the screen. So if I'm standing somewhere and I want to know where's the sun gonna set three hours from now and exactly behind which mountain I can now know ahead of time exactly where the sun's gonna be where it's going to set I can position my time lapses and my cameras right in that spot. So it's a really cool app it's called TPE. It's amazing for anyone that does a lot of like landscape photography or anyone that's gonna do video outside and you kind of want to know if I'm down by the lake where's the sun setting this time of year is it over the lake is it behind the city things like that. It's a fascinating little app that I only use occasionally when I'm out filming especially on some of the trips I do for VMC but it's really cool.

Joanna: Yeah it's really cool. I would love to know what apps are you using. You can post it or we're going to ask the question on Instagram today and you can post back to us. We'd love to learn your favorite apps and tell us if you're using any of the ones we use.