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E053 - Question: How Do I Deal With Micromanagement At Work?

Joanna: We're going to answer some questions we got on Instagram today. Let's go.

James: Seth asked us what do we do when a boss micromanages us in comms and won't listen to data?

Joanna: My first reaction is that sounds really tough. If that's a real situation. I'm so sorry for the people who are going through that because my first response...

James: But we know it happens.

Joanna: Yeah it does happen because my first thought around the micromanaging thing was like maybe they need some good data and some information. What I wonder is in some organizations is there like a neutral third party that may need to be involved. If you've tried to you know I think what's the Christian thing about like you go to the person by yourself if it doesn't work you bring another person it doesn't work you bring in more people so you don't want to escalate things right away but if it seems like someone who you're working with or working under isn't able to sort of listen to some reasonable feedback or some data around how you're doing your job well and they don't need to micromanage you maybe there's like finding someone prayerfully consider who a third party would be whether that's an H.R. person or another manager at that level or is or an elder or someone in your church who is sort of a neutral person who can help navigate that conversation. I mean ultimately if you're under like an abusive boss situation I'm not sure how long you would want to stay for your own health.

James: Kenny asks, "Do you sleep on planes"? Not really church related. But I sleep great on planes actually Kenny. I can be sitting almost anywhere as long as I just you know roll up a jacket or a coat put it against I have to be in the window aisle or not the out the window seat and I can go to sleep at all hours of the day. I tend to just you know pull my hat right over above my eyes and I can go out within usually 10 minutes.

Joanna: All right let me tell you what I do to sleep on planes Kenny. I get my Bose noise cancelling headphones turn those suckers on, I have this scarf that's from Lululemon I would say it's gender neutral if somebody wants a scarf and it can like become a blanket or a scarf it's sort of this thing that clips together or pulls apart. They still sell them but anyways it can be used as a hood to cover my eyes as a pillow as a blanket etc. It's awesome for travel and the third thing is in Canada we call it Gravol. Basically it's a motion sickness pill that I take but I take it not because of motion sickness. I take it because it makes you sleepy. And so that's my magic combo noise canceling headphones, a scarf that covers my face slash blanket and a drowsy medication... Sleep like a baby.

James: The last question was also from Kenny and it says how many hours do you spend on social? So I'm going to do a live test of my own things on your iPhone if you swipe to the right and you've got the news. If you scroll all the way down now it does give you a screen time. My screen time over the past week was an hour and 53 minutes. So one hour plus 53 minutes per day. And on Social was thirty five minutes average. So that doesn't seem too bad. I think a lot of people spend more than that. I mean I don't tend to be on social media a lot during the day. I tend to kind of just check it out as I'm going to bed. So as I'm kind of falling asleep I usually go on for about 10 minutes and get caught up with what's going on either in the world of what's related to my work and then I kind of end on what's going on with my close group of friends I have on my personal feed and yeah I just get caught up. What's going on. So 35 minutes doesn't seem that bad to me. Maybe I'm wrong but I was actually expecting to see it higher. So that's not bad.

Joanna: Yeah. Today on social networking my phone says I've been on 54 minutes but that doesn't include what I've probably been on my iPad so maybe those are being measured separately. For me it depends on the day because some days I don't have to be on for work and some days I'm batching and building a ton of stuff and I could be on for half my workday.

James: So how much of it is personal versus work for you?

Joanna: Yeah I mean this this 54 minutes that I've done today is probably 50/50. So we love getting a ton of questions that we couldn't answer them all today. But I keep sending us your questions you can send them in to us on our Instagram account and we would love to answer them some of them have been kind of funny and some of them have even more serious. You send them. We'll answer them.