James: Today we are talking book connect groups sermon videos Joanna one of the things that I've noticed in our connect group is that there's always an accompanying video that's been done by the person speaking that week and it's meant to lead into the Connect groups and I think it's filmed on Sunday so today we can talk about that.

Joanna: Yeah In a week where we're talking about using your iPhone or your smartphone hacking it to be used for lots of stuff around church. This is an example of something that we do that I think a lot of churches who dream of or already do sermon videos or follow up videos to go with the connect groups that you do throughout the week. I think a lot of people who do that or want to do that think that you need to use fairly nice equipment and I mean obviously if you can if you have the capacity for it that's awesome. But the reason we use just an iPhone and we can tell you about a few of the things we use in terms of gear. But the reason we're using an iPhone is because it's affordable and it gets it done. And I actually think people like sort of the raw authenticity maybe you can speak to that as being someone who receives it. But let's break down a little bit of what we do. So after preaching the person who's speaking we have like a main teaching pastor but maybe somebody else's spoken they go into an office it's a nice library looking office and then our group's pastor will meet them in there. They have an iPhone they have a Gorilla Pod they have sometimes will add like extra lenses Moment Lenses or whatever else. We've talked about that in a previous episode, you can check out like phone lenses. But yeah sometimes will use a little Rode Mic there's some that are designed specifically to plug into your phone to just get a little bit of a better sound quality. The lens can give you a little bit of a better view of the room with a wider lens and the tripod obviously just keeps the whole look stable so someone's not holding it shaking in their hands. So yeah we play that. And the beauty of it is we it's recorded on the phone kind of right after service so it's fresh. They're asking some questions of follow up out of the sermon or things the groups should focus on that week. The pastor prays for everybody often and then right from the phone it's put into the YouTube app right on the phone. It's uploaded to YouTube and then it's available to groups kind of within the hour. And so it's a very simple streamlined low budget way of doing of doing videos and it's not fancy but it gets it done.

James: And that's what I like about it. I like that it feels more personal when it's not high budget. If it was multiple cameras filming shooting different angles it would feel a bit too produced. And the goal this is like our connect group is about six people. And so it doesn't need to be a high budget thing for us to sit there and get conversation going because it's just two people and it's filmed on an iPhone it feels very personal and it just it kind of sets the mood properly. I don't think connect groups are not suppose to be a big flashy thing they are more above discussion and building relationships with people. And so when you have the look even this is from like a filmmakers standpoint the look of just something filmed on a phone a bit wide angle it kind of it sets the right tone for discussion.

Joanna: Yeah. And I think you always want to think about where is the video going to be used or shown. So if you're making a video that's going to be shown on big screens in front of hundreds or thousands of people you probably would want to use cameras that have a bit more capability to them. But we're talking about videos that are being shown on a laptop, iPad, TV screen in somebody's house in their living room or at a coffee shop. It does the job and that's where just an encouragement today that sometimes we don't do projects because we don't think we have the tools. But you do have most likely the tools right in your hand with an iPhone or smartphone of some kind to do those kinds of simple projects.