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E055 - Quick Setup Audio Podcasts

James: Joanna you got some quick tips for us on how to just get a quick audio podcast going. If it's been your dream to kind of do with your pastor you don't need a fancy setup you don't even need to buy a mic. And so why don't we just dive in and you give us those tips.

Joanna: I think a lot of the time something that stops us from doing projects that we dream of is that we think we don't have the right gear. And just another reminder this week just like we talked about yesterday with smart phones for video you can use your smartphone to record audio and that can go directly from your phone up to podcasting on an app like there's there's apps you can use like Anchor that actually help you setup from your phone. Take an audio clip and post it out to the world. But if that feels like an obstacle for you you maybe have a dream of your pastor doing like we talked about yesterday like a follow up to the sermon maybe a few more things that they weren't able to get into. You can record that he can record that she can record that right on the voice memos on your phone and post that file right from there onto social media onto a podcasting site. You can do it on apps for free right on your phone or you know I got to say like my my brother we have not mentioned it before but when my brother he has a podcast in a totally different sphere he is a real estate podcast. He I was so surprised one time I was on vacation with him and his family and I was seeing that he was recording a podcast on vacation with just like his apple headphones like the headphones that come with your phone. And he was talking into the mic recording it into an audio App, voice memo app on his phone and from there he was going to release it to the world. And it's a reminder that content matters more than anything else. People don't care if you're mic was five hundred or a thousand dollars if the content is good they're gonna keep coming back for more. So an encouragement to you today that you can do that right on your smartphone don't let the tools that you don't have prevent you from doing the work that you want to do.