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E056 - Videos On A Budget

Joanna: James not everybody has a video team. Not everybody has a ton of money for video. Can you tell us today how to make videos on a budget?

James: So all this week Jo we're going to be talking about some tips on how to do video on a budget. So I'm going to hammer on a bunch different things so this week you're going to hear about stock video, stock music, some tips on how to shoot by yourself and tips on how to edit really quickly. So I'm gonna go through a couple of things that you really need to plan on. So not everybody has a big video team. Actually I did the majority of us don't have a big video team but we often think that in order to do it you need to have a big video team because what we do is we look at all the people that we respect. We look at some of the bigger churches we look at some of the big production companies and you see the behind the scenes photos and there's a guy and a camera and a guy holding a monitor and some guy directing and two guys holding lights and other guy holding a mic and the reality is that it's usually the average person it's just them doing it all. For many years of my video life it's always been just me I didn’t have budget to even hire someone part time so I was the video, the audio, the editor everything. So the things that I learned was always planning, planning can save you so much time so much headache so much conflict with a potential client and let's call anybody that's even working in your church for a different department a client it can avoid problems down the line if you sit down and you plan and you talk about expectations, strategies, what the goal is and then you can actually promise that you can deliver what they're actually looking for because that's the biggest key. Often people are going to ask for more than what you can probably deliver. Second of that is then you need to stick to those timelines you need to set a schedule for yourself. Often we get stuck being artists or trying to create the best product and you can often toil away on a project you know indefinitely. So you need to set. I'm only going to work on this for this morning this afternoon and then I'll set aside another afternoon just for edits and sticking to that timeline kind of keeps you on track with Oh I only have two hours left to be doing this part of the project. I've personally found that really helpful even around here in the office we have a four month plan for like what we want to learn over the next four months and we've put it all in sticky notes on our whiteboard and that's to kind of keep us on on target for the things that we need to get better at.

Joanna: And if it's like some personal artistic project and you want to spend the entire year tinkering with the edits and the video and on this go for it. But what we're talking about is church video on a budget and so setting those timelines is really going to help you keep the costs down.

James: Absolutely. You're trying to keep the costs down because your time is also cost. And then the other thing is just being efficient. It's not it's not using things that are going to either cost a lot of money or cost a lot of time and they both are very related. And so I'm going to give you a bunch of tips this week on how to be efficient with your time. I personally don't believe that a video project or church intro video needs to take you more than 12 hours more than even six hours sometimes you should be able to get some of these projects done in half a day and sometimes a full day. Now there's always going to people who say I work on a video team and there's a team of us and we work an entire week on a video. All of us and that's great but most churches aren't churches of 10,000 plus people and most people who are doing video do five other things for the church and they are also the social media the communications person video is number five on the list and they can devote maybe only a few hours a week to it. And the reality is you shouldn't spend that much time on a video project. If you're at a church shoes maybe you know 500 to 1000 people you don't have that amount of time and effort to be able to put into just one video project. So that's where to talk about all this week. So I hope you enjoy it.

Joanna: Yeah I think this is gonna be fun. I have a lot to learn myself so looking forward to it.