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E057 - Utilizing Stock Footage

Joanna: A great way to make church videos affordable is to integrate your footage with stock footage. These days there's a number of sites that make that affordable for churches. And so we're going to talk about that today with you James.

James: Two years ago Jo at our church we were pretty much shooting everything custom for all of our videos right. Like we would come up with an idea. We would organize a lot of people we would organize a lot of days to go do drone shots and b-roll and interviews and we would do a-lot.. A ton of custom work which quite honestly cost the church a lot of money because either A you at the time had a full time person or B you are bringing in contractors like me to do it. And what we've slowly changed even in our church is sometimes for smaller projects it makes a lot more sense to think. Can we buy some stock video and put some text and some you know Fiverr audio on it from someone just doing a voiceover And can we create that intro video for that four week service for that four week kind of sermon series for like let's say under 250 bucks. And that's very possible. If you're only doing editing.

Joanna: And it didn't used to be because when we started working together a a-lot of stock video sites you would be paying for a five second or ten second clip a few hundred bucks in some cases. It was totally out of the price range of a church. But now that's not where we're at.

James: Absolutely. There's been times where we've spent thousands of dollars to create a video and now there's a bunch of sites including one that I have and I run called Stokhub. Spoiler alert, I also run one called Stokhub. And I think it's great but we use it all the time. But you know I want to be fair in this so there are lots of good stock companies. And so it's not just ours that you can use. There are lots of really great you know other companies out there doing this. And the advantage of doing this is going back to what we what I intro to yesterday which was about being efficient and to go out and shoot a bunch of aerials of a city or some sort of landscape that works for the video you're trying to create is is just going to cost a lot of time and it also it takes a lot of experience and you can't just buy a drone throw it up and get cinematic shots so it is way easier to go to one of these sites and download some clips. 30 seconds later you've got them and you're editing and you're making a video.

Joanna: And another thing is it takes you to places that you can't afford to go. So for example if you wish you had some shots of mountains or oceans or a particular city in the world that tells a story that you just don't have the ability to go shoot yourself the stock video allows you to really enhance the thing that you're doing with your video without having to get on a plane and fly to go see that thing.

James: Yeah absolutely it opens up a world of possibilities for you. Like you because you don't own a drone and don't fly a drone yourself. Now you can start thinking of ideas like what. Wouldn't it be cool if it was all aerials of the countryside or yeah we're doing a mission's video on Africa wouldn't it be great if there's some stock aerial footage of over you know that red earth that's in Africa and we put text over of what our missions plan is going to be. You can now start thinking really creatively without having to think "well how many tens of thousands of dollars can we spend to go get that" Now you're talking about making that video and that idea come to life for sometimes under a hundred dollars based on some of these memberships like you only have to spend one hundred dollars or 200 always for an entire year's worth of access to footage. So it is giving a lot more power to creators and that's what's really fascinating but even the stock video world that I've learned is it has become so affordable and it's allowing people to be more creative and allowing your stuff to look better and better.

Joanna: Yeah. And what we often do with it at our church if we're gonna use stock video which we use your site for, we've used other companies as well is that we're integrating our own footage in with the stock stuff. So a video I'm working on right now I'm thinking of it's an intro video for services at church where we're welcoming people into the church so we're showing them images of our worship services and people being greeted in the lobby and kids running around and all that kind of stuff but then in between we're cutting to some stock footage we have of like a woman driving down the highway in her car or someone sipping their coffee at home. It's these images of getting ready and coming to church that we don't have the time and we don't have the money to go out and shoot all that stuff but the stock video that your company or other companies do allows us to tell a better story that we couldn't have afforded in the past.

James: Yeah absolutely. And if this stock video thing is kind of new you're not sure what it is. Then go to our website and we'll have a special link in a special price that you can kind of check out you go check out Stokhub and even check out the others and find out what works for you and what's in the right price point for you. And it definitely can be something that saves you a lot of time and makes everything look a lot better.