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E058 - Music Subscriptions

Joanna: Yesterday we talked about stock video. Today stock music. James, where do we get great music for video?

James: Stock music is something that is really new over the past kind of five years. It's a market that has really changed. And just like it's just changed so much in four in five years five years ago it would cost you hundreds of dollars to license a song and now for the most part it's gonna cost you a hundred dollars for an entire year of unlimited footage from the site. So I’m going to mentioned the two that I that I use. I have zero affiliation with them. Its definitely not advertising it's just the two that I've landed on that I love the quality of. So number one is Soundstripe. Soundstripe is based in the US out of Nashville and they just have a great library of music. They've organized into some different themed categories and what it is is you just download a song for a project. I think they are still in the low hundred dollar range for an entire year's worth of access. You don't have to pay every single time you download a song you just download it. All they ask is that if you want to use the same song download it again through their website and that's how you credit their artist. That's how their artist gets paid. They get paid per download so they say if you download a song don't just use that same file over and over just come back give us the title of what it is. So the artist gets credit and that's how we pay our artists. So I mean it's a great system for artists who are looking to get exposure for their music and the quality is absolutely great. They also have lots of different file types like WAVS and MP3s. So I mean I remember in the past where Jo we used to spend maybe 80 dollars per song for our church videos.

Joanna: I felt the stress of that because especially if you get a song and then you realized for whatever reason it just wasn't working. But you've already bought it.

James: And the licensing was complicated right? You had to define was it a for a nonprofit and then was it going to be internal? On the web? Was it gonna be for broadcast? That can be really confusing. Does putting that in our video on our YouTube video for our sermon count as broadcasts? Like there's all these you're never sure whether or not you were crossing lines.

Joanna: And you want to have integrity you want to make sure you're crediting the people you're paying the people for their work we're not trying to steal but it's confusing to know sometimes what you're using it for what you might use it for and how to check off those boxes.

James: And what's great about these sites now is they basically have opened it up for everything other than TV advertising. So if using it on your website it's fine if using it on your YouTube page it's fine if you're using it for creative video and you want to put it out to a bunch of different things and use it in a conference trailer. It's all good. You can play it in any can any building you're off to define it. So it's just they've really taken away the barriers as far as cost and licensing and they've made it easy and hassle free for you. The second site that I really like is Artist. Artlist is based over in Europe and they also just have a really great quality library. There's just a lot of songs on there that are either really upbeat or really cinematic and they have the same kind of licensing ideas of really easy to use. Their price is a bit more. It's one ninety nine U.S. per year. But when you consider the costs of what it used to be you know anywhere from 80 to one hundred fifty dollars per song. I mean I've I signed up for it and now I use it for clients. So when I'm doing stuff for it for even our church I use my license for the church because that's what I'm allowed to do. Like per their agreement and it's just it makes so much sense because really at the end of the day what we're paying per song based on how many videos we're doing is around maybe five bucks.

Joanna: And something we maybe haven't said the people maybe who are less familiar just to say it like we are the reason we're paying for these songs is because it's the law right? Like you if you're going to use a song in your video you have to pay for it. And so for example if you choose like a top worship song from Hillsong or elevation or whatever you put that in the back of your video if you post that video on YouTube, YouTube's going to with their computers their algorithms they find that they're not going to let you view that on mobile and they might pull down the video there's all this stuff that can happen because you didn't pay for a song.

James: You know like people people are spending their time to create great work and they should be paid for it. And these sites are not asking for a lot of money and just like any artist whether it's church or are secular like you should never just go download music off YouTube and then put it into a video because that is essentially stealing. And I think as church people we should be really cognizant of that and be you know avoid doing things that are legal.

Joanna: These sites and lots of others are out there if you want to check online for where to get great music at a great price from a subscription service. Use stock video with integrity use music with integrity. Pay for it but it's affordable so you can do it even on a budget.