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E066 - How To Take a Social Media Break

James: Today we're going to be talking about how to take a social media break. The why and the how behind it. So let's dive right in.

James: Jo I've never taken a social media break but I know that you have my first question is why did you do it?

Joanna: Yeah I think the reason you're talking about how you've not taken social media breaks but I think it's because you have a healthier relationship to social media than I do. And so I may be a person more of extremes I've needed to take breaks from it. For a long time I used as an excuse that I run social media for my job. So how can I possibly take a break from this? But that was actually an excuse that allowed me to have poor planning rather than a real reason to not be able to take a break and take a step back. And the reason I did is because I realized that I have an imbalance in my life. You're saying why do I do this I think I have spent sometimes too much time on social media and I think sometimes you need to clear your head especially if I'm trying to listen to God about something going on. It's hard to do that when there's just all this extra noise constantly in my life. And social media isn't the only thing. But it's a big place for me that I find to be noisy and adding inputs into my brain that I don't need all the time.

James: So my second question is Jo I know you actually do it as a job and so how do you actually go about doing it while also doing your job and having not having to take a break from your job in the process.

Joanna: Yeah I think well that's one of the things is of course of vacation and actual vacation from your work is a great opportunity to shut off social media like if you're on a vacation on a beach somewhere. What would it look like to take a week and literally put your phone away in your room for the entire week? That's that's a more practical way to do it. But the biggest thing is about planning. There are all kinds of apps we've talked about some of them on this podcast before where you can plan in advance and schedule out your social media so you're not having to be on it all the time. And then you can take weather that's just a day or a few days or a week away from it. The second thing is it's an encouragement to build a team. Social media can be all consuming it can be a huge job it is hours and hours of work. So it's an encouragement if you're doing it and feeling like you're doing it by yourself and that doesn't allow you to take a break then you've built a system that's unsustainable. Find one or two or three other people in your own church community who love social media and who would want to be part of helping you do it so that you can maybe their job as they're doing it on the weekends and you're doing it on the weekdays or whatever the rhythm is. There's ways to get other people in your church engaged and involved in social media that allows you to take a break whether that's a Sabbath Day a day of rest every week or longer periods of time where you feel convicted that you need actually a little bit of space from it for your own health.