James: Jo on a previous episode you said something that I was like I can't believe this. But you said you follow 600 people. I can't imagine following 600 people. So on today's episode we're going to talk a little bit about kind of curating how much you follow and how much of a distraction that can be by trying to follow too many things.

Joanna: All right James you think that me following over six hundred people. What I was specifically talking about that number was on Instagram but you're talking to actually about a larger trend you're seeing about the ways we can follow and keep in touch with all these people and businesses. So what are you seeing or what are you nervous about?

James: My job brings me into contact with lots of people in my profession which is you know the video world. And what I've noticed a lot with with younger people getting into the video space is that they are A either falling tons of people or personalities or companies on Instagram and the same with YouTube. And the thing that kind of makes me feel a little nervous for their own sake is you know I've had a conversation with someone who is trying to get into the video world and I was asking well how much of YouTube do you watch in a day and this person told me two or three hours and I said two or three hours a day? And he's like Yeah but it's not TV I'm learning. And I said it is still entertainment. If you are just sitting there mindlessly watching something you are it's the same as previous generations with TV except it's harder now it's more accessible you can just veg out while sitting in your chair at work and it's designed like to watch the next video. Sometimes they're masked with either tutorials or unboxing videos or learn about gear or here's this thing where they're all you know 15 minute long episodes and you have to think about it like TV. Like at the end of the day if you are sitting watching something for three hours it is entertainment. Unless you're sitting there really taking diligent notes you're probably not learning as much your more consuming. And so the thing that I'm guarding against is curate how much and how many people you want to follow and how many of those things are you going to allow to infiltrate your daily life so you Joanna have 600 people on Instagram. I only have a couple hundred because I think that's my limit for the amount of stuff that I can consume. And the same goes for even YouTube like I have to limit per day. Like even around the office we do have set times where we devote time during our week to learn something new. But even then that is only limited to a couple hours at max and because it's very easy to just turn into something that you're always consuming and you're not doing anymore. It's too many people thinking that if I'm just on they're getting inspired all day long that eventually I'll do something and the reality is the people who are successful in life do rather than constantly needing to be inspired. And so that's my guidance on this whole theme of you know around social media and how much you consume and how much of a distraction it is. Just limit the amount of input into your life. So if you if you're having trouble staying away from your phone then don't follow as many sources because then you will get less input regardless of how much you are on your phone.

Joanna: Yeah. And I you know what I think tomorrow we're gonna talk about how to curate your list because I think there's this fear of missing out well if I don't follow that thing how am I going to know what the latest trend is or what's going on in their life or what's going on in their business. But there's a ways to do it without it being forced noise coming at you. Everybody wants you just to like and subscribe and follow.

James: We are just as guilty of that. If you're listening to us it's because at some point you've seen a post from us or you've said hey I want to listen and have be part of this daily discussion on church communications and media. You know we are part of that. We also want you to curate how much of what people like us are saying.

Joanna: Yeah and there's definitely ways for us to curate that in a meaningful way without missing out on the content we really want while also choosing in a healthy way to not be forced by, if we're talking about YouTube the things I subscribe to. I gotta listen every video in my videos that I've subscribed to this. No you don't. But we're gonna talk more about that tomorrow how to curate that and how to be really intentional about how we build lists around what we're putting into our brains week to week.