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E070 - Curating How Much We See

 Joanna: This week I was talking to a friend who's come back to Instagram after a few years off and is recognizing all of the content that he could be engaged with and following. But how do you curate that in a meaningful way so that you're choosing what comes into your head without missing out on stuff you might want to check back on later. We're going talk about a way today to organize and curate in a practical folder kind of system on Instagram or on YouTube so that you're not missing out on things you might want to check on later.

James: Okay Jo you're going to share some tips on how to organize some of your social media content. There are ways on YouTube and Instagram now to save content for later. Put them in folders so that you don't have to engage with it every day. But when you're in the right mood the right headspace or looking for specific things you can then find that content quickly that might be a couple weeks old but still really relevant for what you're looking for.

Joanna: Yeah that's right. The thing that we had this conversation with my friend an I the other day or he's recognizing that there's stuff that he has interest in but he doesn't want to follow tons and tons of accounts. And that's where we can say oh I'm kind of interested in that church and their creative work or I'm interested in that fitness thing that sports thing that news thing whatever it is. And so we start following and following, mindless following we just start following all this stuff and then all of a sudden our feed is full of a lot of the time meaningless stuff that we don't want to follow all of the time. So what I recommend the way to do it if you want to be organized is on any picture that you see on Instagram on the right there's that little button you can press that book marks it but as soon as you hit bookmark you this thing pops up that says "save to collection". And so the beauty of that is you can build collections. So if you come across an account that interests you but you don't want that information everyday because it's not even it's not a friend maybe it's a business or it's tools and tips about your workout routine or whatever it is you can save to the collection called "fitness". You build a little folder in your personal instagram called fitness or church creative media ideas or whatever that is you create folders for all these different things which means you don't have to follow that account but later on when you're in a mindset where you're wanting more help on your fitness or you're wanting more creative ideas for your next church media project you can go into that little folder that you've created and find all the accounts that you didn't want to forget about so that you can go then when you're ready and in the mindset within your own boundaries of wanting to get that information you're in there and you're finding all that stuff so you didn't have to follow that account and see their content every single day. You're only going to go see that content when you've chosen to because you've saved it in a folder. The same thing you can can do on YouTube. Do you want to talk about YouTube?

James: Yeah like even on YouTube there's a watch later button that you can use and there's even one on Vimeo that you can just if you see something pop up that you know is going to peak your interest but you don't have 15 minutes to watch a video throw it in there and then come back to it later when either A you have time or B you're stuck you know on a subway that's stuck underground and you and you've got it preloaded or maybe you're just you're flying somewhere you're stuck in a long journey. These are the times when you're not actually wasting time and this is a good time to re-engage with that content rather than sitting at your desk when you should be doing work.

Joanna: Yeah. This whole idea we're talking about with this this week is that social media and how we use it we want to be the master. It makes a terrible master but a great servant. We want social media and this content on our phones to be available to us when we want it. And it takes some planning and some thoughtfulness but we can curate lists. We can build folders. We can save things that we can come back to them. At the time we have decided we want to learn or engage with that kind of content rather than it's here in front of me right now which means I have to engage it. Right now let's be more thoughtful and be more healthy or on how we use social media.