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E082 - Short Digestible Videos

James: Yesterday we talked about Joanna your role in this new strategic plan that was kind of released on Sunday. And we start talking a little bit about the video but today that's what we're going to focus in on.

Joanna: So I'll give you a big picture everybody first when it comes to strategic plan we created six short videos the previous time we did a strategic plan we had one long video that explained everything all in one. I think it was it could have been a 15 minute video or so.

James: Yeah I was around 15 16 minutes and these six short videos are all around two or three minutes.

Joanna: Which totals about the same amount of time actually in the end. So the first video was like an intro trailer you know promo video. So when we when we did this on Sunday in church it was like the thing that was playing before the pastors started talking and then we basically did a video about a topic and then the pastors on stools in front of everyone talking a little bit more about it and then back to live.

James: The video it gets kind of people amped up and then they go into a little bit more the details a little bit more of you know explaining it more personally and just from the video. But we changed a lot of things right like I wasn't involved with the very first one five years ago because it was a full time person at the time at the church doing it. But this time around you decided that you want to do it a little bit differently. Just learning from how it went last time and so why why split up the video? How did we do it differently this time that you think helped it even just on the production side of things?

Joanna: One of the reasons to split up the video is that we it'll allow us to use them all separately. It's probably harder on social media and stuff to get someone to watch sit down and watch it 15 minute video. It's a bigger commitment but we can now use all of these separately or if we ever in an upcoming service wanted to reference one of them and maybe we wanted to replay one of those videos a year and a half from now to remind them about that topic. We're not playing a 15 minute video we're just playing the two minute video about that particular thing. Yet another thing we mentioned yesterday two was about our are name of our church is going to change and we didn't we don't need a video like that to live for five years because once the name change happens within about six months of that happening that video's obsolete, it's old news. It can kind of fall by the wayside but the other videos are going to stay fresh and so it allowed us to break that up for how we present live for how we use later on social media gives us more flexibility into the future. So it's a big learning that we had from the last time the 15 minute video was it was a beautiful and well done piece but it didn't have as much flexibility as the shorter ones.

James: And with the shorter ones it just allows you then to move situations. I mean we did it all in one location but allowed us for each video then to pick a different location within this old renovated church. It's now a home that used to be this church from the eighteen hundreds. So just allowed us to move the pastor speaking on camera around and give us six different looks and feels for each one of the videos and then another thing we did differently that we've talked about before is we use a teleprompter this time which just helps for the speed of recording rather than trying to get someone to say the exact right thing the exact right way, which doesn't happen very often unless someone is really experienced on camera. But this way the pastors were able to be really comfortable knowing that they're saying exactly what they want to say and what they want to communicate as long as the delivery is okay in the reading of the teleprompter.

Joanna: That is always a bit of a toss up because they're not professional journalists or something who are very trained in how to read a teleprompter. And so we try to give them you know tons of advance notice so they can read over the scripts you know in advance they can practice them we want them to sound as natural as they can when they're reading off a teleprompter but even just from a cost perspective you know if we're if we we didn't pay by the hour but if we're paying you by the hour the amount of time it would take for them to say it the way they really wanted to if it was that natural interview style off the cuff would take so much longer.

James: You're talking about a couple days rather yes one day. Absolutely. And that would also that helped us. We got some b roll while we were there on the day and then we just used a lot of archived footage and photos that we have kicking around on hard drives for the church anyways to kind of fill in some of those gaps and hide some edits. So as much as this was 18 minutes worth of video total it wasn't a huge production cost. If you had to pay an outside party to come in and do this it's actually cheaper to do it that way than the original where hey can you make a big 16 minute basically documentary which is going to take someone a long time. And you were able to do it because you had a full time video person but when you're talking about contractors like the previous round its gets costly.

Joanna: But we're not in that reality anymore. So we needed to say we came to you and said you know we're thinking about hiring this other company because we didn't think you'd have the time for it. And it was a huge amount of money that we just didn't have. But based on the quote that that company given us and we think they would have done a great job. But it was just way beyond what we could have afforded for this. And so you were able to kind of help us come along. People can go watch the videos, we'll link them in the show notes and they can go see your work. But yeah it was one of these you know it's just one of these things where because we went off the teleprompter and another thing that the teleprompter stuff did too is it it made me not have to double up my work. So the work of writing the scripts for the pastors for teleprompter also quickened in my work for the print piece and quick in my work for the website because a lot of it had already been written and it just had to be repurposed. Whereas if it had been stuff they said off the cuff I would have still had to go back and do all the work of writing anyways.