James: All right Jo you've also mentioned a couple of times this week the idea of digital first, print not as much relevance this time around. What I'm going to ask is that you maybe expand a little like what is digital first even mean.

Joanna: When I say digital first what I mean is that the first priority is to digital. That doesn't mean that we don't do other kinds of things whether that's live in person or print pieces. But digital first is that the priority in terms of time, thought, strategy, and then money of how we're going to spend a limited budget is that the priority for us was that the digital content would be the primary place. So we want people to primarily go to the website. So we have done a print piece for this strategic plan and it's and it's lovely It looks great but compared to the last time that was more like a full magazine we spent way less money on print this time. And what we hope that means is that the print piece will give enough information to get people excited. It's a couple of pages long versus you know 30 or 40 pages and we're gonna have that as something that continues to point people to the website where the freshest content is. The most relevant stuff all the video content is there we really want people to get into it allows them to even interact and ask some questions in a way that is just harder to do in other forms of media. So digital first for us was really about the prioritizing of five years where something is going to live online.

James: So is it a whole new website? Or is it a new section already attached kind of to the regular church website?

Joanna: Yeah. We actually built a website on Squarespace for it. People will get to it from our own church's website. So for the user experience they're going to click on something and it's gonna take them to a whole other site but we're just saying for them to go to our own church's website to go find it. And yeah and it'll just keep updating over the next five years as we start to do the work that we said we would do.

James: And again that's one of the great things about digital is things can be updated things can be changed and even as we talked yesterday about the videos side of things. if there need to be an update to one part we're not having to reorganize the entire big long thing we just reorganized one little section change maybe some wording or maybe maybe the goal slightly changes throughout the five year. A lot can happen in the five years so there might need to be changes along the way. And now we have the ability to do it a lot quicker and a lot easier and obviously a lot cheaper.

Joanna: Another thing to keep in mind too is to do with when you're doing a strategic plan a lot of it costs money and we're looking for people to give. And so we want to be able to be flexible to talk about an upcoming project coming out of a strategic plan. Here's an upcoming project that we need you know to raise half a million dollars for and it allows that website to flex around those future things and you can update where the giving is at and you know you can it can definitely live and be current. You're going to start on day one at zero of the dollars pledged and obviously a couple months in you can start updating that and letting people know we're getting closer we're at 25, 50, 75 percent that kind of thing. Digital is the way that people are now interacting with things anyways. And so it is great to have a little bit of print I think, to get into peoples hand as they walk into a building I like holding something and I look through it as they're talking. But then where the interaction and what's really going to get me more involved is when I do my own research at home on my phone on my computer it's gonna get me engaged with what's going on our church is gonna get me quite frankly more involved helping out and and more likely to give financially to it and if I can kind of come back to it over and over.

Joanna: Well that's another thing that you mentioned just briefly you said on my phone. We we know in our own stats it is probably true across most churches that the more likely place someone will come to a website or come to a digital thing is from their phone or their tablet not from a laptop. Maybe if they're really deep diving into it they're sitting down properly on a computer. But the first time it's probably gonna be an experience sitting on the phone that's already in their hand. And so the thing that one of the reasons we choose Squarespace is that it adapts to mobile really easily but whatever you do to build digital content just want to always keep in mind does this look great on a phone because it's probably the first place someone see it.