Joanna: All this week we're talking about strategic plan roll out. The media, the digital communication for that. And today I want to talk about how we're handling Frequently Asked Questions.

James: So Jo coming off of Sunday there is obviously going to be a lot of questions you just launched this big plan for the church for the next five years. I want you to explain how you guys plan on handling all the questions that are probably gonna come in from this.

Joanna: The last time around when we did a five year strategic plan at the beginning of releasing the plan we invited people to a series of dessert nights. So after we released it we had I think it was five days in a row, so we said pick one that works for you and your family and we invited people to come to the church building and the leadership went through a lot of the details of it maybe that they didn't have time to do in the Sunday presentation. And we had food and people could ask questions now that they'd had a bit of time to process it. But fast forward five years later after finishing what we said we'd do the last five year plan. This next five year plan we're in a multi site reality now. So asking people to come to one particular place at one particular time is something we just can't do anymore. And so what we're doing this time next week we're gonna be doing a live stream where we'll have been receiving questions on our strategic plan website as well as through conversations and through interactions with staff. We're getting the frequently asked questions that we think people really need more clarity and answers on. And we're gonna have our senior leaders on a livestream something at like 8:00 p.m. so it'll be an evening thing. People can can tune in from home wherever they may be and more than that they can check it later if they want but they're going to do an interaction live right in front of people answering a ton of questions and we're gonna take some questions there so people are going to be able to comment below ask questions and we'll have a moderator for that to make sure it's maybe not silly things or things that really need to be answered off line for some reason. Yeah but that's what we're gonna do we're gonna do a livestream on Facebook to really just engage people with the questions that weren't able to be answered in that 40 minute slot on a Sunday morning.