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E085 - When Is Print Right?

James: All right Jo. All this week we've been talking about the strategic plan launch for our church this the last day of it, day five. So we're going to talk about as you've mentioned a few times that it was digital first but there was still an element of print so I want you to explain a little bit of that because people still do use print. I mentioned that I personally like having a little piece of print in my hand when I show up for these types of events on a Sunday morning or a separate event. It's something to take home with you. There is still something relevant about something physical in your hand and you can explain a little bit more about what that looked like.

Joanna: Our strategic plan is digital first. It means a priority was to digital that priority of how much time we spent budget thoughtfulness that went into our website experience to talk about our strategic plan. But we do really still want to have some sort of print based piece when we knew that we wanted something in people's hands to make it tangible. And so we went kind of two extremes, do we want something like just a little postcard that basically is like we launched a strategic plan go to the website all the way to the other end of you know an entire book that explains every detail of it. You could be you know dozens of pages long and very beautiful. You know in terms of its layout. So what we did was something a little bit in the middle. We have an eight and a half by eleven size print piece a lot of our stuff we used we do is a half size so what is at five and a half, eight and half by five and a half, whatever the math is on that.

James: That's why you're in communication.

Joanna: That is why I'm not the accountant of our church. But if you look at the numbers. But basically we did a larger size print piece. It's size and shape of a magazine but it's only it's eight pages total so it's actually four printed pieces of paper. And what we have in that is a big overview of the big highlights of our goals our targets and what we say we're going to do it's just a lot of it is actually just like the highlight statement and then some bullet points people can check it out again will link to stuff like this in the show notes. But what we've done with this is we wanted something tangible in people's hands but we wanted everything to not be all the details that would cost way too much money to print. If we put all that on paper and we want to keep pointing people to the website where the most accurate and up to date information is going to live for the next five years. One of the other questions with print in behind the scenes of of our church is always when do we release the print item? So the options are do they get it when they walk in the doors of the auditorium? Do they get it at some break in the middle? Do they get it right before the sermon? Do they get it in the middle of the sermon talk? Do they get it at the end of the sermon? Do they get it when they leave the building at the end? There's all these places or is it already at their seat when they arrive. Well we came to with this is that people are going to receive this print on their way out the door because we want to make sure that people hear it first from the videos and the live presentation and aren't spending the entire service flipping through a book that they don't even have all the context for yet. So we want people to take it home afterwards and have that out the door with them but we want to make sure that in this particular case the print piece isn't distracting them from the live presentation. So we love print but it's not the primary focus. And so we're excited too to keep our focus digital for this but but there is still a place for print.