Joanna: Today I want to talk about Facebook groups. You may have a love hate relationship with Facebook as a platform but we're finding some of the Facebook groups for people who do church communications and media are really helpful. So we're going to talk about them today and why we like them.

James: Facebook groups have become a really valuable resource for learning information, asking questions, and looking for resources. It's definitely something that's grown a lot over the past five years and even more recently Facebook even said that they're going to start focusing in on groups as they're one of their main priorities less about the feed more about the groups because they're seeing so much interaction going on in them and they really become a place for discussion. Especially I have found that in the church world a lot of learning, every time I go to some of these groups that I frequent I just see a 90 percent of my people asking for advice asking questions and how to do something it's either website related or it's communications related. It's just people looking for advice and other people chiming in and offering up suggestions and for the most part there's usually really great feedback that can happen within just a few short seconds of you making that post. So maybe we're going to mention a couple that we just tend to frequent ourselves and if you haven't already join one of these groups then we would say go check them out.

Joanna: They're free! Go there go join one.

James: So one of the ones that I really like is the Creative Church Group. The guy who runs it, Nik is a really great guy I've had a lot of great interaction with him. I do sponsor some stuff that he does because I just find what they're doing is really great. What I like about it is there's lots of Facebook groups out there. I have a Facebook group every company now seems to have a Facebook group. What's different about Creative Church group is it isn't a company. It isn't a company trying to sell you products. It was started with the right heart and the right intention just to help church creatives and so they they just tend to have a lot of really good feedback. It's a really great core of users who are always willing to help really positive energy. There's not really anything negative that goes on in that group and really is you can find inspiration and you can find answers all at the same time so you know my advice would be first of all go check out that group again it's Creative Church group on Facebook and yeah go check them out.

Joanna: Another one I like, I wonder if people have probably already joined because there's 20,000 members is just a group simply called Church Communications. There's lots of other groups that are like large church communications small church communications etc. but this one church communications is one that I keep kind of a daily tab on what's going on on there just the conversation of the pulse. For me what I'd say is someone working in church not only is it a place to to learn as you've said but what I'm really loving about Facebook groups is I'm building friendships with people who do what I do all over the place. I think that's just as valuable as the information is the relationship so that you have people to cheer you on, people to check things, people to get advice from maybe there's something challenging you have to communicate to your community and you can go to those now trusted friends who are also doing your kind of work and you can seek their advice and feedback on how you're gonna communicate about something difficult in your church community. So I've been really loving that that part of it for myself and then maybe you go to a conference and you all can meet up I'm seeing this all over Instagram these days where people from the church Communications Group are hanging out together at conferences that they go to and they're out for dinner or there. I just saw a bunch people doing karaoke together it looked really fun. And so beyond the tools and tips it's the connection to a larger group of people all over the place. That means we don't have to do this alone. We don't have to be isolated and that's the power of these Facebook groups.