James: Jo I was shocked to see a few mentions of the word Clip Art in some Facebook groups this week. I didn't know that was still a thing. I remember using it for some grade five projects back in like the late 90s. Yeah throwing in some clip art onto my Word doc and thinking it was looking really fancy. But you know in todays day and age we've moved past Clip Art. So we are going to talk about some alternatives to kind of up your graphic design game even if you're not for the money or the skills to do it.

James: All right Jo so yes I was saying I can't believe that Clip Art is still a thing but there are people that still use it. And so we want to give them at least some ideas on where you can make your stuff look a lot better and not have to spend a dime. So first we'll start with Canva. Canva has been in the news recently because they have been growing and they've had a huge investment and they've bought a few different companies. I mean their goal is to be one of the most successful companies in the world. They're based out of Australia and they were started by basically a 19 year old girl getting out of graph design college who you just thought it should be easier to do graphic design well and not have to learn a million buttons in Illustrator and Photoshop. And so she started working on this thing called Canva. I just listened to an actual hour long interview with her and kind of the mission and vision behind it and that is like her mission and vision is perfect for church people. People that don't have the time to invest 100 plus hours to learn a software but need to make a graphic really quick and really well.

Joanna: You need a postcard, you need a poster, you needed an invitation, you need something for college or bulletin Things like that.

James: So Canva is free to use.

Joanna: Especially its the business accounts. You can get free if you're a non-profit organization.

James: Absolutely why not. So if you have ever thought to yourself let me go find a Clip Art image. Just go to Canva and it will definitely help. It's really easy to use really drag and drop, all online and it's going to make your stuff look a hundred times better. I guarantee you do not need to be an expert. Some other options are if you're not a graphic designer there's lots of free stock photos out there now. There's sites like Pexels and Unsplash. There's a number of them where you can just get free like stock photos that have been taken by you. For the most part really great photographers that you can just pull in and use instead of you know pulling in the old green vines clip art kind of thing.

Joanna: So you're searching. You can search by keyword.

James: If you want to find a Christmas tree photo. Yeah. Don't pull in a Clip Art Christmas tree photo for your bulletin and find a nice photo that's already on one of these sites. Those are three quick really free options that I think you should be doing before ever kind of going to some of this older styled graphic. We still see it we still see examples of people using you know just really awful looking graphics and that just that speaks to that can that can look negative to outsiders looking in on what your church is doing. If your stuff is so dated that it's almost like you don't understand how dated it is.

Joanna: And that's going to that is going to prohibit people from being curious about what's going on in your community.

Joanna: It's all that thing about just be the show's self awareness where if you're not sure and this isn't your skill set you know even running something by maybe a younger person or someone who had maybe an experience in graphic designer or maybe they're not going to build it for you but if you can run it by somebody who's either maybe a little bit more current and younger or has a bit of background in this area you can just say hey like is this fresh and relevant or am I really dating myself because none of us want to say that with we don't want to say with our work that what that the church is irrelevant, outdated and doesn't understand the world today and how to talk to it. That's actually the opposite. Right. We want to say that the message of Jesus is timeless and the way we talk about him is is ultimately the same over time. But how maybe the words we use what's trending in terms of visuals and colors and pictures changes and so you want to just encourage you to keep fresh with all of that and don't stay in 1995 with your Word Art and your Clip Art.