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E089 - Current Instagram Trends

James: In the last couple weeks Jo there's been some updates to the Instagram app and there's been some fun little things that you can now add onto Instagram Stories and you're gonna share with us a few little ideas about how to get your engagement up with the church social account by using some of these features.

Joanna: On Instagram story right now where you can see a bunch of different things that are kind of fun as ways to interact with people in your own community. So specifically the things that I'm looking at right now are polls, questions, countdowns, and quizzes. So you can do like a countdown to Sunday or you can do if you have a big event coming up. You can do a countdown. It literally counts down the time on your Instagram for I don't know maybe your year end bash or summer camp or whatever it is. I love the pole thing. Maybe you want to do a pole around an upcoming event that you genuinely want to get a sense of if people are going to attend an event or what time works best for people you can do a poll. Questions you can do something even quite meaningful like you can ask the question how can we pray for you today and then people can write back right there on the Instagram story and type it. With that you can ask them a silly question but you can also ask really meaningful things. The same with the quizzes you can do a multiple sort of like a multiple choice answer on things like it could be something as lighthearted as you know what's your favorite local burger place. And you can give three three options or four options of what the burger places are and they can fight it out and you can reveal the results or can be something more meaningful around multiple choice on maybe what service time or they're going to be attending this summer. I don't know. Something that is maybe a thing that the pastor wants to integrate a question on social media and then integrate the answers into his or her upcoming sermon. So there's there's just tons of things on Instagram that allow for interaction. I wouldn't use them every day that would get a bit annoying. But if you think of something that you'd love to interact with your community about. Instagram is giving some great ways to do that right now and encourage you to check it out and try it out and see if even five people reply that's more than you had last week. And so it's a great way to interact.