James: Jo you've mentioned before your love for Fiverr and you're going to talk to us today about another project that you're doing using it and kind of share with us why you love it so much.

Joanna: It is a place to hire people for a project from all over the world. And I just wanted to use an illustration of a project I'm working on right now so that people can see what it might do for them. This is a project I've never used before before so that's why I'm using it as an illustration. Today I thought it might encourage someone to think outside of the box around some ways to do projects say they maybe couldn't afford to do any other way. So this summer we have a series that we have the graphics for, the still graphics. And in brief we're talking about the "I AM" statements of Jesus I am the Bread of Life, I am the light of the world, I am the vine you are the branches and so we have these old school images of Jesus and then we're drawing on like kind of in the you could use an iPad or whatever a pencil for it an apple pencil we're drawing in like so it's I'm the bread of life it's literally like an old school statue or image of Jesus and he's got drawn in cartoon bread and all the stuff around him or the vine and the branches. Anyways we're interacting with all these images but it's all stills we have a graphic designer. And what we've gone on Fiverr to do is we found someone who does motion graphics who lives in Ukraine and we gave him one of these images as a test and we said can you make this move, dance, wiggle we want Jesus and these other elements of the image to pop on the screen and kind of be drawn on quickly but in a creative and fun way and so he did once sample an image for us I think it cost me fifteen dollars or ten dollars and then when I knew that he could do the job after one test image I've now come back to him with the full set of images and he's doing all of the I AM statements of Jesus in these fun motion graphics and then because of the language barrier and I want to wrap the project locally I'm going to then have a local video person put those together with some music and a voice over to polish it for what we need. But actually you probably could do if we wanted we probably could ask him to do the entire thing start to finish animate the motion graphics and do it. But long story short this project on Fiverr is probably going to cost us less than 100 bucks from him and if I was getting honestly if I was getting a person locally to do it it could have been a thousand dollars because motion graphics is actually quite expensive to do it locally. And I can't find a lot of guys or girls locally who know how to do it so I went on the Internet I found somebody who I'll never meet in real life who can do it for really cheap and I always hope that those interactions might inspire someone to consider Christ you know they aren't necessarily a Christian but I hope that with working on a church project that's interesting and engaging and creative it might open up some some conversation with them around their own faith experience and so that's just an added bonus that I keep in mind but Fiverr has come through again with a really affordable way to get some motion graphics done.