James: Joanna you were recently speaking at a conference and you're just telling me that someone in that conference actually asked you a really great question and the question was How do you maintain your brand and then keep pushing forward the creativity. So we're gonna talk about that today.

Joanna: Yeah recently speaking at a conference I met a young woman from New York City who is involved in a series of churches there called Church in the city and they have them in different neighborhoods. There's a church in the city Midtown churches in the city Hell's Kitchen. There's all these different places anyway so she's involved in communications there and she was asking me how do you hold the brand standards of your organization while also wanting to do new and exciting and interesting projects or new looks. And basically my simple answer to that is like there are places for both. So for example you're probably not going to move the brand forward creatively on your business card or on a letterhead or maybe even like a a news email that would go out weekly or monthly to your church. However there are other projects that you actually can have a ton of fun creatively and try new colors and new fonts and new styles that break out of what you've described as your official brand. So in our church what that often looks like is sermon series because we brand our sermon series so if we're doing three week series about money or a 10 week series on The Book of Ephesians or whatever it may be we've we come up with a brand for that and you'll see our logos are used sort of in a watermark like an in the corner of the images. But for the most part we get to break out in those spaces and and try fun things. Now if you don't do something like that another place that you might want to try and experiment with brand moving forward and more creative stuff would be things like the youth ministry, the kids ministry, stuff for young people they're typically more happy to take a risk and try something fun. But yeah with their stuff that we want to maintain our brand with that are the things that really represent our church long term things that are short term projects like a summer event or a sermon series that don't have a permanent shelf life. Those are places that you get to experiment but things are going to live for a long time. You want to make sure that those maintain your consistent brand quality your typical fonts or typical colors how you use your fonts and your logos and all that kind of stuff.