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E100 - What's Ahead

James: All right Joe. Today is episode 100.

Joanna: Woah!

James: That means we've been doing this for 20 weeks.

Joanna: It's a long time.

James: Straight.

Joanna: Yeah it's been great.

James: I mean we weren't sure when we were going to start if we were able to do it every single day for 20 weeks straight it was kind of a challenge right. Like can we pull this off Can we record every single day for 20 weeks straight. And I mean we've done it so far. I mean we're still planning on doing it more hours.

Joanna: And there's still more and more topics. The amazing thing is to 100 episodes in and there's so many more things to talk about to learn together. That's the fun thing about church communications there's always more to learn.

James: And that definitely just speaks to that it's such a complicated vast field right?

Joanna: Yes.

James: It's a job it's a career that isn't narrow focused it's very broad. Like there's anything digital anything communications related all fallen to the church these days. And I think that just speaks to how much we need to continue to talk about it as church communicators because it's very easy for people to feel like they're lost or feel like they're overwhelmed because they're not necessarily versed in one specific area. And the reality is they're now required to. But I mean we've we've gone through some great stuff over the past 20 weeks like we've talked about video we've talked about digital media. We've talked about print. We've talked about Mac vs. P.C. vs. Chromebook.

Joanna: We've gone about all the gear stuff.

James: A lot of different things. Absolutely. Talked about gear stuff and what we want to start to ask is What do you want to hear more from us. I mean we've started tossing around idea.

Joanna: Give the people what they want James.

James: Absolutely. Absolutely. The people they want and I mean we are going to definitely react to what people send to us. So if you're sitting there saying well I really would love to hear more about topic "A" then send us a message right now through the Web site or through our Instagram on Instagram. Send us a message right now and and tell us what you want to hear more of. We've been tossing out ideas about being more interactive and maybe do we want to record some videos or do we want it or do we want to talk about specific stories or should we start interviewing some people as well like bring on a guest for an entire week. So we're going to talk about church Web sites. Let's bring on an expert and then just hammer them with questions for an entire week and someone who is really knee deep in it every single day.

Joanna: And someone who does different stuff than you and I do.

James: Absolutely. We want to know what people want. We have a core group of listeners that are listening to us so we need to know what you're feeling and what you need to hear more of and what you would really find valuable. And we'll do it like we have a lot of contacts in the church world. And for me I know it's just more about okay. What direction do we need to go next. I'd rather know what people want rather than I'm going to decide what to bring in.

Joanna: Yeah. Ultimately it's all about we want to help you. And so is there something that we've talked about the like Oh you didn't say enough about that like we need more or I have three follow up questions from that episode because or you know you talk you talk about churches that are not the same size as my church. I wish you'd talk more about big churches or I'd wish you'd talk more about smaller churches or whatever. Or what do we do more in traditional churches what do we do more in a modern. I don't know whatever. What about church plants like all that kind of stuff. There's so many things we could talk about we'd love to get a sense from you and I'd love to know too. What's your habit of listening? We can see some of it in the stats and the data we have on you, we are watching you. But are you kind of a binge or like you want to you want to like go through just 10 episodes as you drive to work in the morning maybe a 30 minute drive so you're listening to a bunch episodes in a row. Are you catching it every morning as part of a routine to try to get encouragement and inspiration for the day. Are you picking and choosing like you're just you're going to listen to it based on what the title says the topic is about that day. We'd love to know how you're interacting with the podcast so that we can continue to bring content to you in a way that's helpful to you.

James: And I have one more request and that is right episode 100 now. And what we'd like people to do is start letting other people know about us like, if you're in a Facebook group. We are we're still so new. But we've noticed we've started to notice some people say especially when there's questions about where do I find more information on a topic. Well we would love for you to do a start you know linking to our podcast in some of these Facebook groups like let other people know especially if it's a topic we've already covered. Let other people know about it that's really going to help us out. And I mean we've tried not to be that way like you know go on and give us a five star review on tunes. You can always do that we would love it. But yeah, start letting other people know

Joanna: It helps other people find it. The reviews are not just so we feel good about ourselves it actually helps people find the show. So if you think this is helpful and change something, like I had someone reach out to me who said that in their denomination they'd sat in a day or two of meetings about communications with some sort of person expert they didn't say who it was. I don't want to know who it was but. They said listening to our podcast, a few of our episodes was more helpful than a few days in that content. So that was on one level. Unfortunate that they didn't get great content out of whatever that conference had been but also really encouraging to us that we are providing real added value to you. So if it's adding value to you we want you to tell other people.

James: Yeah we'd really appreciate it. Especially, Yeah I'm a big believer in the Facebook groups. So some of them have a rather large and so when people are looking for advice. That's what we're trying to do here is we're trying to give out basically just free advice and just learnings from Joanna's nine years in the church and me doing media for churches for almost a decade now. And so yeah, and also huge thanks to people that are already doing it.

Joanna: Thank you so much

James: We have a bunch of people that I've been willing to share already.

Joanna: Loyal from day one.

James: Loyal from Day 1.

Joanna: Episode 1.

James: Absolutely so huge shout out to those people and so you know here's to the next 100.

Joanna: Let's do it.