E106 - What We've Been Up To


 Joanna: It's been a few weeks but a lot of changes since we last gave you some personal updates about what we're doing in our work so we thought we'd take some time today to let you guys know what we've been up to.

James: All right Jo two weeks ago the visual media church studio moved. It didn't move far. It literally moved to the office right next door. So we just went we didn't grab the stuff and we hold it 10 to 15 feet down the hallway and in through the next door but we've two and a half times our space. We were getting really cramped in there because we also added a new person. We added Caleb to the team so we're now four full time people kind of into the office space. And so we in a small like. I think I was six seven hundred square feet.

Joanna: It started just with you. Really. Was your personal office.

James: It was just me.

Joanna: You bought it. You rented for yourself and now the team is four full time guys. So that was getting cozy in there.

James: That was just a year ago. That was yeah. There's gonna be space because I wasn't fitting in the home office anymore. And then now it's four full time people. And so yeah we've got a little bit more space now like we're sitting in a bigger office whereas just a couple weeks ago when we were recording we were kind of crammed in and.

Joanna: And it got toasty in there with all the gear.

James: We have a server running and we have all these computers running and you know just warm bodies but now we've got some more space. It's freshly painted the space and so we've got a little bit more room to breathe which is great. And then for you a couple weeks ago you left your full time job and I know.

Joanna: Yeah. Three weeks ago.

James: Doing a bunch of fun things over the past couple weeks. Yeah. Zipping up north and back lots.

Joanna: Yeah. So a few things. I've been speaking a bunch which I love to do which speaking what I mean by that specifically is I've been preaching so Bible, talking about Jesus. Most of it has been not all but most of it has been at camps. And so this is a time of year in Canada where summer School's Out People are going to summer camps and so speaking to their leadership teams is really just a privilege. This camp was huge impact on my own spiritual upbringing. So it's a privilege to do that. Tons and tons of camps lots of that but beyond that I've been working on. I helped an organization launch their podcast a women's group. The podcast shows you've got to check it out is called her influence. I'm I'm not on the podcast but I was behind the scenes helping them get that going figuring out the marketing positioning of that. Like literally just teaching them like this is how you plug the microphone into your laptop all that kind of stuff that they just didn't know. And so it's fun to see them get off the ground and running in the last couple weeks working on another project that's a religious sports thing. I don't know how much I'm allowed to say about that one but I'm working on some videos about how faith and sport can interact together that the things that are values of faith can also be values of sport integrity and teamwork and hard work and honesty and I don't all of those kinds of things. And so it's been a kind of a fun video project. A few other things on the go Maybe we'll talk about that in tomorrow's episode of some stuff I'm building I'd love to actually get some of our listeners feedback as I build some of these new things. It'd be great to get their insight into giving them things that they want, give the people what they want. That's my goal. And yeah. So I've been busy over here but we're sitting in this new office of yours James. I'm pumped for you. Yeah. This is a great space.

James: People can see pictures of it If they go to Visual Media Church on Instagram in the storage section the highlights you can click on. New office 2019. You can see some pictures. Yeah yeah. Look I'm happy with it. I mean it's it's great. We're still in the same small town east of Toronto which means rent is really cheap out here. Yeah.

Joanna: I'm in the downtown. So if I had to I was looking at what it would take to go to like one of those you know collaborative office space or like we work kind of thing. And you know it's a lot of money and.

James: 500 bucks basically just for a membership to be able to go in.

Joanna: 500 bucks just to like feel like you're sitting at Starbucks.

James: And so often you space down where you are is about five to eight times the price it is out here which is just blows my mind how much this would cost downtown. So yeah we're out here and it's great and it's wonderful it's really close to where I live. So yeah I really love it. And yeah. Go on to the visionary church Instagram page and you can kind of you can see some pictures and some video I took of as we were moving in and kind of.

Joanna: And meet some of the guys on your team.

James: And meet some of the guys on the team. We're going to be updating those as we finish putting pictures up and you know hanging some lights in here. We've only been here a couple of days because we just had the long weekend. But yeah it's great.