E108 - Collaboration


Joanna: When you begin working for yourself whether that's full time or side hustle you want to build a team and you want to start collaborating. So James would love to get some perspective from you day on collaboration.

James: Yeah Jo today where I talk a little bit about collaboration it's more just me encouraging people. You and I are both people that have done work for churches and then started side hustles and doing extra work on the side to like supplement your income like you use some of your spare time to do the things that you're good at and you love to do to make a little extra money. And my encouragement is to collaborate. This is not something new but something that I think people forget to do which is if you see someone doing something awesome that you could really use in your business. Reach out to them and offer your abilities back to them. There's a lot of video people that do this like I know I've reached out to audio people in the past say "hey can you help me out with this. And hey I'm asking for free but I'm also willing to do something for you". And it's amazing how often that really works out when there's always people that can use. So in my case there's always a business or another creator that could use video help with shooting or making a video and especially if I'm looking at them saying I could really use help with website stuff or marketing stuff. You have expertise beyond what I'm able to do for myself but I can also have, I also have abilities that can really help you out in your business or your site also. And Jo you and I have even done this together where have helped me out with writing stuff and I've helped you out with some video stuff. So this has been something that always helps and it doesn't always have to be a pay for this or hire someone to do this on certain projects so I mean I just think it's really important to make sure you're collaborating with people and reaching out to people and not be afraid to just send a message like the worst that can happen is someone says "no".

Joanna: Or they just don't reply.

James: Or they just don't apply and in which case you wasted 10 seconds sending a message. And it's amazing even people that have asked me for collaboration stuff like I even just appreciate it if someone asks even if it's not the right fit because then it actually builds a connection with that person and you never know what can come from it down the line. And I just I want to encourage you because I think people are afraid to ask sometimes they get stuck being worried about what if they respond negatively and the truth is 99 percent of the time doesn't respond negatively. They're just going to say "sorry it doesn't work for me" or "I'm too busy" or "I'm not interested" or "maybe it is a good fit" right. So it really is important to try to reach out to people and build relationships in that way by collaborating.

Joanna: I think you get stronger when you start building. No one can be good at everything. So when you start collaborating you're getting the advantage of multiple skill sets but also it just makes the work, I'd say this on a personal level makes the work less lonely. There's a lot of this stuff that's just one guy one girl sitting at their computer doing something by themselves. But to know that there are other people that you're building collaborative relationship ministry partnerships and working relationships with I think it just makes the work more enjoyable. And I think it sustains us in the long term when we're feeling discouraged. Those are the kinds of people are gonna come alongside and cheer us on.