E109 - Side Hustles


 Joanna: Today we're going to talk about side hustles. It's something that a lot of people are talking about but we're going to talk about how to find them, how to build them, and how to do that well while honouring the work you do full time.

Joanna: These days it seems like a lot of people are talking about side hustles. So maybe when you hear that term you kind of roll your eyes. I think people might be getting sick of it but the idea of working on the side of your full time work is becoming more and more common. You know most of not most of us but a ton of us are doing it and there's lots of reasons why some of it is because I think the digital world has made it easier to make money on the side. And I think the other thing is certainly if the key audience of this podcast is people who work in church and for church their ministry connected people. It means that the salary is less and so it sometimes means that a side hustle a side income can supplement our church salary. And that's certainly where I began doing side work was to supplement my church salary so that I could sustain ministry in the longer term. What do you think about that James. What are you seeing right now. What are you excited about in this digital world with side hustles.

James: Well I mean I'm someone that kind of lived it and has gone through the process and loved it. I mean building a side hustle is where I got to put my, all the things I wanted to do and wanted to learn and wanted to try wearing my side hustle and I had a day job but I had a day job working for a university which wasn't terribly exciting and I didn't love it but my side hustle where I got excited and it grew into what visual media church is today. But yeah like I'm noticing a lot more people getting involved and being willing to step out and try it. Which is a great thing to be in. It's exactly what you said it's become a lot easier to do. It's easier to build a website yourself rather than have to hire someone. There's lots of ways to try out an idea. And I think again especially in the church world I've noticed in the church groups a lot more people trying to share their skills by if they're a graphic designer like starting to make graphic design packs and share them on different marketplaces and and making a little bit of siding and whether it's selling stock video and I think it's it's really it is a good thing especially in the church world where salaries in general are far lower than the secular like the exact same position at a secular business. And so it is great to supplement your income that way. And I think it's something that everyone should explore. Doesn't mean that you will be good at it but there's lots of little marketplaces where if you're a great graphic designer you don't necessarily want to run a business but you do great hand lettering. Like I know Jo you've gone to five or before for things like that. Yeah. So if you're one of those people that I don't really want to run a business like I like my job but it wouldn't it would be nice to make a few extra 100 bucks here and there. Then like to have your services offered on a fiver or building your own Web site to do hand lettering something like that because that's what you're good at. Then the world has become smaller and you'll be amazed at the people you'll become connected to when you start doing that. And that's one of the things that really drove me is seeing you know someone buy something from us from the United Arab Emirates. I was like wow like how does this person even find it and the world is just much smaller these days and it's much easier to do. And I mean you're also going on that journey yourself right now where your side hustle is becoming your full time.

Joanna: So where I come into the conversation on this is someone who has developed side hustles or supplementary income while working in church is to be respectful and thoughtful and really have a lot of integrity with your employer while you're doing it. So for me building stuff on the side for me was never like a chess move like if I move this year do this I can quit this job that I hate. It was never about that it was more about doing some projects that interested me. And the bonus of making some money to supplement my income and what it's has turned into is that I have left my full time work in the church in order to pursue this stuff full time. But that wasn't actually the plan and was certainly not where I thought it would go for me. So I think just in general we need to have integrity with that stuff that we do on the side whether you're working in the church or not. Like don't steal time from your employer like if you're at work do your job and when you're after work do the side thing. I think I've seen some people do some really weird sketchy gray area stuff with that and I think in order for you to have trust continually with whoever your boss is and for you to have integrity personally you want to make sure that those lines are really clear and have good communication with your boss as appropriate about what you're doing on the side and where that you know within appropriate boundaries of your work life where of like I don't know how you talk to your own boss but where that fits into your work life and how you're doing that on evenings and weekends.

James: Absolutely it's a slippery slope. You wouldn't want anyone doing that to you if you around the business all of a sudden you know taking work time to work on their own thing. You wouldn't be very happy if you were paying for them. Absolutely. And so I mean even even for me I wasn't working for a church I was working for a university at the time but I didn't have holiday hours so I went to my boss and said I would like a week off and here's why and I explained to her what I was doing and she was more than willing to support that because she knew I needed the time off and I came to her and I at least was upfront and I mean the last thing that I wanted was for her to discover that I was working on a side business outside of work hours but then to have that awkward conversation of just so you know you probably should never do this while you're at work I didn't want to have this conversation where she had to give me a warning. I wanted to just at least have that conversation upfront so that there just never was this hint of if I was ever doing anything that she ever would think like Oh he's working on his own project over actually would go check on what he's doing or check his internet history or do anything like that right. Like you don't want to get into a situation where it feels really bad at work and you want people to trust you. And again it's a slippery slope. So if you start by making little concessions with your own integrity you'll end up going further and further with it regardless. It's just I think a. There's plenty of stories in the bible of that like you make one mistake and it snowballs into another mistake so start off the right way and especially if you're working for a church just be really upfront about. Hey here's what I'm doing. Just so you know because you might see me post about it on Facebook or Instagram and I want you to know that this is something that I'm doing with my own time outside and my job is my number one priority and this is something that I do in lieu of playing video games or playing sports or sitting on the couch and watching TV like I'm doing this instead of that.

Joanna: Yeah, and ultimately you have to work that out with your own employer. You you need to decide you know which way you want your career to go. That's up to you and up to really the Lords leading in your life. As he opens and closes doors and gives you skills and gifts and so we want to have without fear we just want to have great integrity and be proactive as we build side hustles as we develop supplementary income as we're going towards creative outlets. Let's do so with integrity.