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What we learned from our podcast stats

What we learned from our Podcast stats

So we have been doing our podcast now for about 8 weeks, and while we aren’t exactly experts, we have learned a few things along the way. One of things we have noticed is some consistencies and trends in our stats. While it’s important to focus on content rather than stats when you first start anything having to do with digital media we really wanted to point some of the numbers out and let it inform you on how to manage your podcasts and sermon uploads.


1. Phones are King

If you weren’t already aware people are consuming more and more media on their phones. When it comes to podcasts people are using their phones to listen, we tend to think its because people are listening on their way to work, in the car on the subway, but also its easy to just have your headphones connected to your phone rather than a computer.


2. Apple Podcast and iTunes are the most popular apps

While there are lots of great apps for listening to podcasts these days, a pod-catcher as they are referred to, apple podcasts and iTunes are still peoples most primary sources for broadcast.


3. iPhone is the winner

Related to both point 1 and 2, the Apple iPhone is the most popular device, with Apple in general essentially making up 85 percent of our listeners.


4. Mornings are Prime Time!

We theorized in point 1 that people like to listen on their way to work or when they first get to their desk. The time stats seems to indicate we are right. While we are getting consistent listens throughout the day there is an upswing of listens between the times of 6am-11am. So why does this matter? Well its important to make sure your podcasts are launching just before these peak times or you are going to be missing out on your audience’s listening habits. When it comes to church podcasts, it is important to get your podcast uploaded and ready to launch before these times each week. So if it is a sermon podcast you are working on, make sure to have it edited on Sundays and launching Monday mornings before 6am.