Why Talking About Media in Ministry Matters

In today’s advancing 21st century, media looks like so many different things from the tools with which people use to create it to the different types of media existing, whether that’s print media, social media, digital media, telecommunications, podcasting, etc. Needless to say, the topics falling under the realm of media are plenty. Media is used to (mass)communicate important ideas. Oftentimes, it’s powerful and public. Therefore, it matters that people know how to use it appropriately and effectively, that they know why they’re using it, and that they stay up-to-date with things related to media as it’s constantly changing at a rapid pace.

Having said that, to narrow in one field that’s recently engaged in the media industry so vibrantly, let’s talk about its use in ministry. Looking back generations ago, Jesus commissioned Matthew to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28). Churches have an important message that they’d love to share with the world. This message is the gospel, and if you ask me, it’s a pretty important one. I firmly believe that important topics require meaningful and effective communication that is, communication that comes with care, sensitivity, justice, and excellence., With the rise of media streamlining alongside the advancement of technology in recent decades, several have embraced the use of media to help convey this message.

These days, hearing the gospel or messages from the church looks much broader than listening to a sermon on Sundays. By using media effectively, churches have the ability to communicate this message in several different formats, across several platforms, and to several target groups of people. It’s extensive. Much goes into the processes of creating and communicating and so it seems only expected that there’s space online to talk about these things in great detail! Welcome! Here, we’ll be able to learn together about the different uses of media in ministry considering ideas like building media teams at church, top apps for photo and video editing, the intersection of consistency and validity that goes into branding on social media, and so much more. It will be a place to ponder, to gain inspiration, and to launch discussion surrounding these concerns further.

These days, there’s much to look at in the way churches communicate and it’s important that those things don’t go unnoticed. Perhaps it’s your website that people are visiting frequently or the motion packs that appear on screen during worship, it could be the font used on your bulletins and print advertisements or the layout of your feed on social media. Oftentimes, these are some of the first places that people look to for information or before visiting a church therefore, they merit attention. I encourage you today to search online or take a look at the media you’re using. Is it the best it can be? Does something appear to be missing? Are you looking at it differently than you once did before? Does it clearly communicate the message you want readers to take away? Is it inviting for visitors to come to check out your area of ministry? These questions are good starting points when considering the items you’re ready to publish in the media.

By: Jessica Cluett